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Life happens. You laugh about it or cry about it, sometimes both.

Baby Agnes

I started this blog while pregnant with Agnes, and she quickly decided–like the diva princess attention-hog that she was–that she wanted to be the star of this blog. I would say more than half of the posts on this blog are about Agnes, and now that she is a saint in heaven, this blog may lack direction for a while. I invite you to read all the “Agnes” tagged posts; they are the best ones. Agnes was my life for the eight months she was alive and this blog reflects that.

Through this blog, Agnes was able to touch the lives of thousands of people, who came together in prayer. She was able to bring these thousands closer to God through her suffering, inspiring many to turn to the Lord. My hope is that now Agnes can continue to bring people closer to God as an intercessor. She has an honored place in heaven with Mary and the Saints. She would be happy to listen to you and take your prayers to the Lord. Please pray to Saint Baby Agnes that she will take your prayer needs to God. He will listen to her; she is a cute baby.



One response to “Baby Agnes

  1. Rebecca Wood says:

    Oh my, I love this page! So glad she brought us together. 🙂

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