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Agnes Seems Worse

on November 23, 2013

Agnes has been having a couple of rough days. She has these episodes where she gets upset, and then desats and her heart rate gets too high, and she starts to turn blue, and the nurse has to “bag” her to force in air because even the ventilator can’t work when Agnes is fighting. Then they give a dose of I.V. sedative and Agnes calms and goes to sleep.

That is no way to live, and the docs need to know why this is happening, or at least find a way to prevent and minimize the occurrence, because they can’t send Agnes home if she needs to be rescued from acute respiratory failure once or twice a day.

Today they changed a setting on her ventilator hoping that may help, and they finally added regularly scheduled doses of sedative, which Agnes could very well use long term even after she is discharged.

The pulmonary specialist who is on call this weekend intimated that December 4th is not a realistic date for Agnes’ anticipated discharge, since they still need to do a bunch of legwork to discover the source of these critical episodes. Plus they changed a setting on the vent, so the “stable for two weeks” period starts over today.

And yesterday they took a bunch of blood samples for diagnostic tests, and found that her white blood cell count is elevated. Again. So they took the full selection of samples for culture and we’ll see if there is an infection. Again. And they’re giving 48 hours worth of antibiotics. Again. At least they are leaving her shunt alone this time.

3 responses to “Agnes Seems Worse

  1. mothersuperior7 says:

    😦 So sorry. Our Lord must love her soooo much giving her sooo many kisses. May she save the world with her suffering! And may your heart and Jeremy’s heart grow stronger in trust and perseverance and compassion. I will offer my Mass with Fr. Bart tonight for all of you. Thank you God for good doctors and nurses!

  2. JeneaSwainston says:

    My heart goes out to you, Jeremy, and Agnes. Many many prayers for her and all of you.

  3. Amy Seymour says:

    Poor little Agnes! And poor exhausted Judy & Jeremy! I’ll step up my prayers for her (and for you)!

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