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Life happens. You laugh about it or cry about it, sometimes both.

GoFundMe Support Page for Agnes

on October 16, 2013

People come to me almost every day asking if there is anything we need, or if there is anything they can do to help. Agnes is a very needy child, and she demands a lot of attention and care, which makes life pretty stressful sometimes as we try to balance our time with Agnes, at the hospital, paying attention to Stephen, caring for ourselves, and keeping up around the house. We decided to make this fundraising page as a way for people to lend support from a distance. It’s difficult for us to ask for help like this because we are proud and we want to be independent and self-sufficient. But the truth is, Jeremy is already working flat-out with nursing school plus shifts as a delivery driver, and I am at home with the kids so I don’t have a lot of freedom to get a job. I’m thinking of projects I can start that will allow me to contribute at a pace I can sustain while also keeping house and caring for babies. In the meantime, this website is launched. You can also find the web address in the right hand column of my blog page, under the heading “Help Our Family.” Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to hyperlink the site in that text box!

Thank you for all the prayer and thoughtful support you have given my family so far. We are blessed to have so many kind people thinking of us and praying for a good outcome for Agnes. Prayer is very powerful and I do believe Agnes has done so well so far because of all the prayers you have offered for her. If you have been wanting to do more, here is your opportunity!


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