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Transferred to the PICU

on October 9, 2013

This morning around 1:00am Agnes was sent down to the PICU because she required more care than the floor upstairs could provide. She was having trouble holding down her feeds, and apparently she aspirated some spit up. This caused her O2 requirement to dramatically increase, on top of which, Agnes lost her I.V. access and no one was able to put another one in. So she went down to the PICU where they put her on ventilator support and kept trying to stick her for an I.V. They discontinued her feeds for awhile before restarting them through a special n/g tube that goes to the bottom of the stomach, in fact directly to where the stomach opens to the intestines. They also gave a couple drugs to help with the nausea and reflux. Once they finally gave up on the I.V. Agnes was able to settle and she had a decent morning. The lack of I.V. was limiting to her care, and around mid-afternoon she started to repeat the episodes from last night with extreme O2 needs and multiple desats. She is not coming home tonight, needless to say. She is still on ventilator support, and we just got a call at home that they installed a special “central line” I.V. in her chest so they can start giving additional fluids and some I.V. medications.

Her right lung showed up entirely cloudy on the X-Ray which means a great many of the alveoli are closed with aspirate. This will heal with time and support. Hopefully it doesn’t take too much time or support!

On the positive side, the neurosurgeon said the shunt looks great and the sutures look great. If Agnes didn’t have the respiratory failure she could go home.

She will continue to have low pressure headaches for about a week. We are hoping and praying she does not develop an infection because of the aspiration, or because of the central line, both of which do carry risk of infection. Agnes is already more susceptible to infection because of her trach. So. That’s what’s going on.


7 responses to “Transferred to the PICU

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    Oh, my! Poor, sweet baby. She has endured so much as have you and Jeremy. I will pray extra hard for her rapid recovery from her respiratory issues.

  2. Kay Becker says:


  3. JeneaSwainston says:

    and of coarse, continued prayers for you all…my heart is aching for you all so much…

  4. woodra01 says:

    I’m keeping you and Agnes in my thoughts. Sending lots of love.

  5. Amy Seymour says:

    I’m praying for her, and for you, too, Judy!

  6. Catherine says:

    Praying for you all! You have all been through so much.

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