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7 Quick Takes: September 6

on September 6, 2013

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary.

Sleeping like a baby.

1. First thing’s first: I have some news about Agnes. Yesterday morning we met a representative from Aeratech, the medical supply company that will be providing all our equipment in the home. While she was showing us the gear, Stephen became antsy, so Jeremy picked him up and helped him turn on the mobile that hangs on Agnes’ crib. When the Aeratech rep left about 5 minutes later, I went to Agnes to stroke her hair and talk baby to her, and I noticed that the hose that supplies warm mist and oxygen to her trach was disconnected. That means she was not getting any oxygen apart from what is in plain room air. I was shocked. I looked at Agnes; she looked great. I looked at the monitor; it showed she was at 98% oxygen saturation. I decided not to reconnect the tube and I went to get her nurse. I showed her nurse what had happened and she was shocked. Only the day before, Agnes had clearly needed the extra oxygen. Her sats would drop mere moments after being disconnected. The doctor agreed to wean down the oxygen she is receiving, and this time it looks like it is going to stick. We were able to wean her down further this afternoon. She is getting 1/4 liter, which doesn’t mean too much to me aside from I know it is less than what she was getting yesterday: 2 liters. Maybe she won’t need oxygen at home after all. Praying. Praying.

2. Stephen is starting to tell us what he wants using actual words. It’s cute. He picked up his flashcards and said, “Cards. Cards.” Then he gave the cards to me, pointed at the sofa and said, “Couch.” Then he climbed up on the couch, clearly waiting for me to sit down with him and play flashcards. Also, I do believe he was asking for a diaper change this evening. And earlier this week when we sat down to have a morning cup of milk, he asked for a blanket. When I got one out of the storage ottoman and threw it over our laps, he pulled it up and said, “feel better.” Aww, doesn’t that make you go “awww?”

3. Another cute Stephen story, because who doesn’t like cute stories about toddlers? Today I was on the computer and Stephen was doing who knows what, but he wandered into the office with a cat puppet on each hand, holding his sippy cup. “Empty,” he said, and tried to suck out some juice. The cats. They were holding his sippy cup. One on each hand. Oh my word.

4. I have been going to the gym several times a week, first thing in the morning before anyone else is awake. But I tell you what, the past two days when my alarm rings at 5:50am, I turned it off and rolled over. I’m way too exhausted to support an early morning gym habit. Too bad that’s the only time I can realistically go. We go to the hospital in the morning, then Jeremy works in the evening, then I don’t want to exercise right before bed, plus my parent’s have been going to the hospital in the evening to train which means I have to stay home with Stephen. Will it be easier to go to the gym when Agnes comes home? Probably not, but we’ll see. Jeremy will start school in a couple weeks plus work on the side to bring in the moolah, so I’ll be at home with the kiddos most of the time.

5. Speaking of the gym, I haven’t seen many tangible results of my new exercise regime. Hahaha! “Regime.” whew, that’s a good one. Anyway, pretty much the main result I’ve noticed is a workout of a similar intensity is easier for me to do than it was when I first started. That’s good. I haven’t really lost any weight, and my mood improvement is hard to notice most days, but I can tell my cardiovascular system and main muscle groups are the tiniest bit fitter. So that’s a start.

6. Have you ever tried oat groats? Also known as oat berries? They are the whole grain of oat with only the outermost husk removed. This is what oats look like before you chop them up (steel cut oats), or run them through roller presses (rolled oats). Whole grains = better for you! I bought some at the farmers’ market a while ago and made crock pot oatmeal a couple times. It’s good. I don’t remember how I did it the first time. Last night’s recipe is superior anyway. I mixed 1 1/2 cup oat groats with 6 1/2 cup liquids (water and/or milk), plus 1/2 cup brown sugar, a dribble of vanilla extract, and a few hefty dashes of cinnamon. Cook overnight on low. Makes at least 6 servings. This morning the oats were a lot softer than when I made it the first time. I liked it better today, and Stephen liked it today as well. He didn’t like it when I made the oatmeal a couple months ago with a different recipe. I recommend. I bet this oatmeal would also be delicious with some raisins or other chopped fruit stirred in at the end.

7. Have you ever seen the movie Hot Fuzz? Oh my gosh, it is the best. It’s basically a parody of an action buddy cop flick, but with really good acting, dialogue, compelling characters and plot, and a surprise twist or two that are actually surprising. I can’t even tell you how much I laughed the other night when we watched it. There is some bloody violence (hey, it’s a murder mystery) and coarse language, but I wouldn’t say the language is gratuitous. Plus, Bill Nighy has a minor supporting role!


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