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Conversations With Stephen

on September 4, 2013

Stephen’s language has really taken off since he started talking in earnest four months ago. He mostly repeats everything you say, but he is starting to do a bit of conversation.

Stephen checks out a plastic playhouse at the hospital.

Stephen checks out a plastic playhouse at the hospital.

Me: I smell a poopy diaper. Do you need a diaper change?

Stephen: No.

Jeremy: [checks Stephen’s diaper]. You pooped.

Stephen: Bye-bye. [tiptoes away to play with toys].


Me: It’s almost bath time.

Stephen: No.

Me: Yep, in a few minutes we’ll go have a bath.

Stephen: No. [runs away].


Stephen: Giraffe puzzle. Giraffe puzzle.

Me: Do you like your giraffe puzzle? Is it a fun puzzle?

Stephen: Fun puzzle.


Stephen: [flipping through flash cards] Pink circle, purple quare, yellow tangle,…


Stephen: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Stephen: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Stephen: Hi

… etc.


Me: We’re going to the hospital to see baby Agnes.

Stephen: Baby Agnes. hopital. baby Agnes.


Me: [changing Stephen’s diaper]

Stephen: No poop.


Stephen: Cars. Cars. Cars.

Me: I don’t see any cars. Show me the cars.

Stephen: Show me the cars?


Stephen: [to anyone who happens to be around] Read book.

Read a book. Read a book.


Stephen: peese bar. peese bar. peese bar. [asking for a granola bar].


Me: I made you some oatmeal.

Stephen: Eatmeal!

Me: It’s time to eat.

Stephen: Time to eat! [runs into dining room and climbs onto his chair].


2 responses to “Conversations With Stephen

  1. JeneaSwainston says:

    Cute! You spend the first two years trying to teach them to talk and the rest of their lives trying to shut them up!

  2. Kathy Schwager says:

    Such a sweet little boy!

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