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Life happens. You laugh about it or cry about it, sometimes both.

Songs on the Radio

on September 3, 2013

I’m grooving to these songs lately on my awesome local radio station: 91.3 in Akron, The Summit. I love the variety and they often play music that doesn’t get much play on more mainstream stations. Thank you, the summit!


2 responses to “Songs on the Radio

  1. woodra01 says:

    You should go see Michael Franti in concert. He’s amazing live. Well, since your schedule is probably as chaotic as mine… You can down load a past live show legally here.
    Play it for Agnes. He was one of the artists I played for Charlie in the

    • judy says:

      That sounds fun! I haven’t been to a live concert in forever. I bet he’s good because he killed it on that video where he was just in a radio recording studio!

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