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7 Quick Takes: August 30

on August 30, 2013

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary.

1. Jeremy and I had the opportunity to do some hands-on trach care with Agnes this morning. The respiratory therapist came in and tried to explain every single thing we would ever need to know, then showed us how to suction and change the ties. We wanted to jump right in because doing it is the best way to learn. The therapist coached us, it took a long time, Agnes got so mad she finally gave up fighting, then she puked. Then the therapist pretty much told us that next time we should let a therapist work with one of us at a time because we were obviously very scared and she could sense my frustration and she will chart that we went over the care but we still have a lot of work to do. Then she wanted to explain even more stuff to us! We worked for two hours and Stephen was starting to be a handful in the background and it was lunch time. We were finally able to get rid of the therapist, but we’re in for more fun tomorrow morning!

2. I don’t mean to criticize hospital staff. It was just a ton of information presented somewhat haphazardly. The therapist today came in asking us what we had discussed with the therapist who trained us yesterday. I guess they are transitioning the parent education from some people to different people. Whatever, that’s no excuse for disorganization, especially when it comes to serious medical care for children. They need a curriculum that is in a specific order, so when a new teacher comes they can see from the report that we only covered chapters 1 and 2. Or maybe they’re “modules.” That’s a trendy name for medical care education.

3. Also we are sick. of. the. cafeteria. Like, I would almost rather not eat lunch than eat cafeteria food. Yesterday we had had enough so we walked to “a thai place” on Main Street. I had vaguely remembered this place from driving around downtown, so I asked Agnes’ nurse, “Isn’t there a Thai place on Main Street?” She said yes, but neither of us could remember exactly where. We thought we knew, so Jeremy, Stephen, and I set out. It was one of those things where you walk for a while, don’t see the destination, finally try to look it up on Google maps and discover you’ve walked a 2-year 10 minutes in the wrong direction, with the noonday sun beating down on his exposed, and now extremely sweaty head. We did finally find the place, and it was so totally worth the extra hoofing. Stephen didn’t like it, but Jeremy and I thought it was divine. Then it only took about 5 minutes to walk back to the hospital because it’s actually very close. Yay.

4. I must feel like eating Asian food because I made Indian food at home for dinner. Lentil dal over rice, with an Indian spiced cabbage side dish. It was delicious and light, and vegetarian for Friday. Stephen even ate some. I was so proud of him. I only gave him a drizzle of dal on the rice and covered it with yogurt, but it was a major accomplishment for him to eat some. Then I rewarded him with melon.

5. Stephen is very cute. Have I told you the coffee cart story? Well even if I have: I asked Jeremy to take Stephen down to the coffee cart in the hospital lobby to buy a latte. We have a frequent customer card, and we were due to get a free drink! I turned to Stephen and said, “Do you want to go to the coffee cart and buy mommy a latte?” And he says, “Coffee Cart? Coffee Cart?” Then I guess Jeremy gave him the free drink card to carry and Stephen said “coffee cart, coffee cart” all the way down the hall, in the elevator, down the other hall, and through the lobby. Then when Jeremy tried to hand over the free drink card, Stephen got mad and wanted to hand it over himself. Precious.

6. Stephen likes to drink coffee. Iced coffee with cream, but still.

7. Speaking of coffee, I think it’s safe to say I have an addiction. I used to do it recreationally, but since I married Jeremy, he has led me down a path of addiction, and now I can’t stop. I used to have one cup a day, and now I drink up to three cups a day. I used to have to limit coffee after noon because the caffeine affected my sleep. No longer. The other night I drank a cup of coffee at 8pm and went to bed at 11 with no problems. At least, I drink only “good” coffee. If it tastes bad, I can resist. And if there is only powdered creamer available, I have no trouble saying no.

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One response to “7 Quick Takes: August 30

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    Stephen sounds like a little coffee addict in training. He will fit right in with his Grandma!

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