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What I Wore Sunday: August 18

on August 18, 2013
sunday 8-18-13

dark hospital room lighting.

Well, yesterday was Agnes’ two-month birthday, and today we had to go to church infant-less once again. It was kind of strange, people just asked us who was taking care of the baby, was she with Grandma? I guess that might be a normal question but I was just thinking that if we had Agnes in our care she would definitely be coming to church with us. Anyway, we had to tell folks that she is back in the hospital. It’s sad. Poor Helena, Fr. Sal’s wife. She weeps every time I tell her sad news about Agnes. I can’t wait until I have something good to tell her! We went to the hospital after liturgy and took the WIWS photos there. I’m wearing that mysterious dress from the thrift store in Albuquerque. The one with absolutely no labels anywhere in the garment. So far it hasn’t disintegrated in the wash, so I guess I’m laundering well enough. I also wore my cream colored veil that I made myself. I took it off in the parking lot of the hospital! And my black Minnetonka Moccasins. You may have noticed that I didn’t wear them last week–proof that I do own other shoes. I would also like to point out my hospital armband, a fine accessory for any look, any season.

sunday 8-18-13 with stephen

Reading a story about an alligator raised by birds.

Today we were a little late for church because we were ready to leave ten minutes early. Wait a sec, this will make sense in a minute, I promise. So we were ready to leave ten minutes early, and we decided to hang out a little before leaving because one time we got to the church twenty minutes before liturgy and the doors were still locked. So we hung out for a while, then left maybe five minutes later than we should have. Then about .2 miles from our house, the “low fuel” alarm on the car starts beeping. Curses. So we had to stop for gas. Then we were late to church. Because we were late, I didn’t go up and join the choir this week. Next week I will! It’s okay though, because I studied the worship book carefully last night and figured out which tone to use (tone 4) and placed my ribbons, and even practiced the troparion, kantakion, theotokion, and prokemion. However. Apparently we are still in the post-feast period for Dormition of Mary (Assumption) so the music was a little different. I figured it out pretty quickly during liturgy, but I wasn’t prepared for it ahead of time. Next week I will be a good choir member!

I did go over to Planet Fitness and sign up for a membership. They are running a promotion for $20 a month for 12 months, with no start up fee. Remember I said I was due for something good around here? Well, Planet Fitness bills the monthly dues on the 17th each month, and they don’t prorate the membership when you sign up, so my first payment won’t be until September 17th! One month of free gym time! I’m excited to start tomorrow. I also need to go buy some fresh athletic wear so I don’t look so frumpy at the gym. Oh darn, shopping. Poor me. Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple like y’do.


Agnes from a few days ago. It's been awhile since I posted a recent pic.

Agnes from a few days ago. It’s been awhile since I posted a recent pic.

6 responses to “What I Wore Sunday: August 18

  1. JeneaSwainston says:

    Sweet pics of all 3 of you! Stephen looks so cute listening to the book!
    Agnes looks like she is filling out nicely! What a sweet couple of kiddos!

  2. Michelle Lewis says:

    Planet fitness is where we belong too! Can’t beat that price with all they have to offer 🙂 cute pic of Agnes!

  3. Margaret says:

    I’ve been jonesing a pair of minnetonka mocs and this may have sealed the deal for me. Now I just need to find a cheapo pair!

    I just came across your blog via FLAP, just in case the shoe reference didn’t make that clear. I am sorry to hear about your troubles, but love your resilient attitude! Plus, I also have a daughter named Agnes, so I feel like we kind of have a bond already ;).

    • judy says:

      Yay for babies named Agnes! That name is well overdue for a return to popularity. As for the Moccasins, it’s worth it to get the real thing, even if you have to pay full price. I’m still wearing a pair I’ve had for 6 years! If you have a discount store like TJMaxx or Ross, that would also be a good place to look. But the best way to get the full quality Minnetonkas is to just wait it out and snap up a couple pairs when there is a sale at the nice shoe shoe store!

  4. woodra01 says:

    Cute Agnes pic! It was so hard for us when Charlie was hospitalized. Much love and warm thoughts to you and Agnes.

  5. You look lovely, Judy. Prayers for your little Agnes!!

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