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7 Quick Takes: August 9

on August 9, 2013

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary. It’s Friday! Go over there for more quick taking.

1. This week I updated my About page. It’s better than it was before, but it’s not nearly as interesting as Jen’s. One of my dreams for my blog is to craft a truly exciting, amusing, informative About page. I know. Dream big.

2. This week I’ve been fielding a lot of phone calls about Agnes. I never realized this before–and this is my advice to you–if you really want to feel popular you should have a special needs child. People can’t get enough of you! Everyone wants to talk to you on the phone, and join their program, and sign up for their services. It’s great. Anyway, I talked to a case manager RN with my insurance company, and one of the things she asked me was how do I cope with stress. It was a lead up to the “never shake a baby” speech. So she asks me this question, and I’m like, “…..” And she says, “You know, exercising, cleaning, deep breaths, listening to music, how you cope with stress.” And I’m like, “….uh…” Because all I’m thinking is a)I cry. b)drink wine. c)despair. d)eat crappy food. None of which I felt comfortable sharing with Sharon, RN from the health insurance company. So I told her that I cry which seemed safe enough, and I told her that I write a blog. On reflection later that evening I also realized that I cope by reading stupid magazines, reading blogs (Grace’s, Mary’s, Jen’s, Emily’s, Ree’s to name my favorites), and snuggling with my kitty.

3. Speaking of the kitty, it seriously a drag that we can’t have the cat in our bedroom at night anymore. We used to sleep with the cat and it was so cuddly. But now there’s an infant in the room and the cat might jump into the bassinet and smother Agnes with his majestic fur. I don’t think he would do it, but I can’t be sure because I have caught him jumping into the bassinet during the day when Agnes isn’t in there. It’s a risk that I’m not willing to take. But…mah kitty…[sniff].

4. Speaking of smothering, I can not believe how humid it is here in Northeast Ohio. I did grow up here, but I’ve been living in the arid West since 2008 so I’ve forgotten. Holy Mother of God it is disgusting. I feel like shaving my head and passing out in front of a box fan.

5. Speaking of smothering, have you seen this? I think these memes are the best. Click the picture to see some other great examples.

6. I just watched the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love this week and I adored it. I love Steve Carell in his more dramatic roles. I loved him in Dan in Real Life as well. Crazy, Stupid, Love had a great cast and lots of great moments between Carell’s character and Ryan Gosling’s character. But I especially loved at the end where Carell’s character is talking to his wife from whom he separated at the beginning of the film, and she says, “We’ve had one heck of a year.” And he says, “Oh yeah, how so?” I can so relate to that. And as a side note, I’ve seen all this hype about Ryan Gosling online and in women’s interest magazines and all along I’ve been thinking what’s the big deal? Now having seen this movie I can kind of get it.

7. Have you ever noticed this? Maybe I’m crazy…but…there is a resemblance.


2 responses to “7 Quick Takes: August 9

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    They both have bushy eyebrows, that’s for sure! And a very nice smile!

  2. Jenny says:

    I just revamped my “About Me” over at Suscipio. I woudl love to help you make one to put on your blog.

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