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What I Wore Sunday: August 4

on August 4, 2013

Hey everybody I’m linking up with Fine Linen and Purple again! It’s fun!

Today we took Agnes to Divine Liturgy for the first time! The nice folks at Holy Ghost have been praying like nuts for our little peanut (did you see what I did there?). Votive candles have been lit, “mass intentions” have been requested–though I don’t know what they’re called in Byzantine rite–, and many personal prayers have gone up for our sweet Agnes. It was my honor to take her to meet everyone at Holy Ghost today! She repaid the honor by fussing during the entire liturgy! In typical infant fashion, I guess. Anyway, everyone was so  happy to see her, and everyone said how cute she is, how beautiful she is. Even though this is what I think:

Totally Looks Like

But in a good way, I assure you. No really, I think she’s adorable! Just in an alien-type manner.

It was extremely sunny this morning!

It was extremely sunny this morning!

For this special day, I selected special outfits for the kiddos and we even got a full family photo.

Stephen and Agnes are wearing coordinating “Big Brother” “Little Sister” shirts. You can’t really see them because my picture is so poor. I’m sorry; you’ll have to take my word for it that the shirts are cute! Agnes is wearing newborn size “skinny jeans” and those are about as ridiculous looking as you imagine they are. Also her socks have teddy bear shaped gripper treads on them. So cute! And so useless on a pair of infant socks, but whatever. They’re cute!

My outfit consists of another one of those henley tops from Old Navy and a skirt I found on clearance at Lane Bryant. Why is it so hard to find long skirts these days? This skirt I’m wearing was the only long skirt on the rack that was my size. It’s a good thing I liked it! You can’t see my shoes but they are a coordinating shade of pink with flowers on the toes. I’ve worn them before for all y’all.

Just a quick Agnes update for those of you who are following along. She is doing really well at home. I think she is starting to breathe easier: not as much squeaking and wheezing compared to last week. She also had a real setback where it comes to eating from a bottle. Thank God she has a feeding tube, otherwise she would be wasting away. I think she was just adjusting to being home. Today her feeds started to pick back up. She took as much as 30 ml from a bottle this afternoon. Hopefully it won’t be long before she can regularly eat most of her food by mouth instead of by tube. Finally, she is starting to be more fussy. I know, this doesn’t sound that great, but it is because it is actually normal baby behavior. She demands to be held if she is awake in her bed. She starts to get cranky if it’s almost time to eat. She is also being awake more compared to last week. She was awake for most of the morning today. It was a nice change for her. Her eyes are really pretty so I’m happy when she keeps them open for me!

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