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Seven Quick Takes: July 26

on July 26, 2013

Once again I am joining Jennifer and all the fine bloggers at Conversion Diary for a Quick Takes Friday. I do it when I feel like it, okay. Don’t judge me for my sporadic linking-up.

1. I’m down to two pumping sessions! Tomorrow maybe I’ll do two again, then one on Sunday. If I’m motivated I might do one final time on Monday morning, but Agnes is coming home Monday so I probably can’t be bothered to pump after Monday morning!

2. We’re trying to get the house ready for a fragile newborn. I resurrected my trusty old housecleaning schedule and adapted it for our current house. The important thing will be to keep the carpets vacuumed and the surfaces as dust-free as possible. Agnes has some respiratory trouble. I hope we can make it clean enough for her to do okay at home! Hello, daily vacuuming! Also I need to get my life back in control. The cleaning schedule will help me stay on track and actually maybe accomplish some things around the house in the midst of caring for a toddler and a needy newborn with lots of doctors’ appointments.

3. The cats really like the changing station I set up in the guest room. I’ll probably have to kick them off the mat when it’s time to change Agnes’ diaper.

Cats (l to r): Iggi, Sashimi.

Cats (l to r): Iggi, Sashimi.


4. My husband delivers pizzas. He gets an employee discount. Apparently as his family, I get the employee discount as well. This could be trouble. In related news, dinner tonight was delicious.

5. Yesterday I wore a pretty new skirt, put on makeup, and even styled my hair before we went to visit Agnes at the NICU. I guess my effort really paid off because one of the nurses made a special trip to Agnes’ cubby just to tell me that I looked “lovely.” That’s why we ladies do it, folks. So the NICU nurses can enjoy our put-together style. No seriously, I feel a lot better these days now that I am taking some time with my personal appearance. And since Agnes is doing so well, I’m not afraid to wear mascara, and I feel much perkier when I don’t look like I just rolled out of bed and threw on a t-shirt.

6. I had my six week postpartum appointment with my OB on Wednesday, even though I was only five and a half weeks postpartum. He’s on vacation next week. I really like several of the OBs at that practice, but it seems like every OB has one question on the brain when meeting with postpartum women: What are you doing for birth control? I always tell them we do fertility awareness, natural family planning. So far I haven’t had any trouble from docs when I give this response, though I suppose I will probably get resistance as I get older. I wish they would give me a little trouble because I would love to explain the process to them and show them that it really works!

7. I really love coffee. I also have nothing else to say for my seventh quick take. So…coffee. It’s the best. I’m a cream and sugar kind of gal. I don’t like flavored creamer because it gets too sweet by the time you add enough to make the coffee creamy. And coffee has got to be strong!


Head over to conversion diary for some more fun quick takes! Thanks for reading!

6 responses to “Seven Quick Takes: July 26

  1. woodra01 says:

    First of all, your posts make me laugh quite often. I really needed that today. Second, congrats once again on Agnes coming home. Third, I like the cat pics. They are precious. I can totally tell which one says what 🙂

  2. Agnes says:

    Awww you named your baby Agnes??? That’s awesome! It is such an uncommon name today…I swear people tell me all the time “My grandma’s name was Agnes, or my great-aunt’s name was Agnes” and I’m like “I know I know, it’s a grandma name….haha” But no, I love my name, seriously…it makes me unique! 😉 But also, I love St Agnes! Whenever people tell me I have a nice name, I tell them I’m Catholic and I’m named after St. Agnes! Oh and of course, you know that in Latin it means “Lamb”….so I get all excited when at mass in church, we sing “Agnus Dei….” aka Lamb of God…..makes me feel special!!!! But Yay, now I get to read a blog about a baby Agnes!!! If I could, I’d name my first baby Agnes too (if it was a girl) but then people would think I have an ego haha!

    God Bless you and your little Agnes!!!
    And, St. Agnes, pray for us!

    Agnes K.

    • judy says:

      Yes! We named her after St. Agnes! We’ve gotten a lot of the “my grandma…” “my great aunt…” comments too. But on the plus side with all the medical care we’ve been through with her I can’t believe how many Catholic nurses and doctors have come out of the woodwork because of Agnes’ name. Also we hung a little picture of Mary the BVM in her bed and that has brought out a lot of Catholicism in the NICU too. One of Agnes’ nurses this week told us about the time she visited Lourdes and Medjugore!

      By the way, I once met a woman named Crystal and her daughter was named Crystal Jr. No joke.

  3. Agnes says:

    By the way, I like cats too! 🙂

  4. judy says:

    I’m glad I can make you chuckle a bit. Life is just awful if you can’t laugh at it just a little 😀 Those cats are a hoot. They hated each other for about 10 days when we first brought them together, now they are besties. ” Best BFFs forever” as my husband likes to joke.

  5. Kathy Schwager says:

    I’m so glad that things will settle down for all of you soon. It won’t be the old normal, but you will craft a new normal that works for the new makeup of your family. I’m certainly on the same page with coffee — except for the sugar part. I get really grumpy if I don’t get my morning and afternoon mug.

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