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Respiratory Ninja

on July 10, 2013

Ha ha, that title has nothing to do with Agnes, but it’s a good story. There are all kinds of specialized staff in the NICU: nurses, nurse practitioners, neonatologists, respiratory therapists, the transport teams who bring babies to the NICU from other hospitals, the laundry guy, the woman who only delivers the I.V. nutrition bags, and many others. Anyway, there was a woman in a transport team jumpsuit puttering around the room while the nurses were taking care of patients and charting. I guess the transport people are mostly skilled with respiratory care–the ventilators and oxygen supply and stuff. Well, the nurse was charting away at her computer, and the transport woman was puttering around. Then suddenly the transport woman announced that she had adjusted the settings on a baby’s ventilator while the nurse was busy, and now the nurse didn’t have to worry about it. The nurse thanked the transport woman, and the transport woman declared herself to be “like a respiratory ninja.” It was great.

Anyway, you come here to read about Agnes, not the goofy nurses who work at the NICU.



The update with Agnes today does have to do with respiration: she is off all breathing assistance as of this morning! She is breathing totally on her own, with no Vapotherm, no additional oxygen, and no help with air pressure! This is really amazing to me because I was sure she would not be able to do it. I know, I know, where is my faith? She had so much trouble in her first few days that I was sure she would need help now. But a few weeks really made a difference for her. I forgot that while she was technically a “full term” baby, she was still only 37 weeks, and there is a lot of development that happens right up to week 40. Her lungs are probably better able to handle breathing, and she is also stronger and bigger now which helps. I have learned my lesson with this one. I will believe in Agnes every step of the way from now on, I promise!

Agnes is also happily installed in her big girl bed, complete with rail-mounted light up music thing which I have never witnessed her even looking at. Well, I’m sure she will notice it eventually. Agnes is having a little trouble keeping warm enough now that she is out of the isolette. I’m sure she will settle in soon, but for the time being she is wrapped up in a t-shirt, and sleeper, and a swaddling sleep sack. The nurse might give her a little hat or something to help, but she won’t go back in the isolette; I did ask about that specifically and the nurse said Agnes would get to keep her crib.

Now that Agnes doesn’t have all that tape and tubing on her face, I can really see what she looks like. She’s a cutie!


2 responses to “Respiratory Ninja

  1. JeneaSwainston says:

    She is a cutie! And a fighter, with all God’s help and millions of prayers!

  2. Penny says:

    A smile. A little mysterious sleepy smile but a smile nonetheless. If she who is feeling all the medical care and tubes and such can find a reason to smile, then can’t we all?. I love this litte picture. It says so much about this wee wondergirl.

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