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4 Days Old…

on June 21, 2013

Agnes has lots going on. I’m only doing a quick post tonight because it’s late; I will post a more complete story soon. She was suddenly transferred to Akron Children’s Hospital NICU yesterday evening where she was pretty much immediately wheeled into surgery to correct a mal-rotated bowel. What happens is, as a baby develops in the womb, the intestines form outside the baby’s body, then a miracle of Life: they fold themselves into the baby’s body in a very particular way. Some baby’s get willy-nilly intestines which causes kinks, which leads to obstructions, which can cause death. So they operated. She is recovering very well, all doped up on morphine and antibiotics. She will be in the NICU for the foreseeable future. Like I said, there is a lot going on with her that will come to be illuminated only with time.

We were able to have Fr. Sal baptize Agnes seconds before she went to surgery  last night.

Jeremy and I are holding together as best we can. We are visiting as much as possible, and my parents are really bearing the burden of Stephen’s care right now. Agnes’s godparents are coming to see her tomorrow.

The doctors expect Agnes to maintain her current condition all weekend while she recovers from the surgery. The next major step with her care plan will happen Monday when they attempt to remove the ventilator tube that is currently supporting all her respiration.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Saint Agnes, pray for us. Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us.


One response to “4 Days Old…

  1. Kris Nelson says:

    Judy, your family continues to be in our prayers!

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