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I Heart The Pioneer Woman

on June 12, 2013

If you haven’t taken a gander at The Pioneer Woman’s blog, you should head over and check it out. She writes quite colorfully about her life on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, her children, her cowboy husband, her menagerie of pets, and of course, her cooking. The Pioneer Woman has a series on The Food Network, and she’s written a couple cookbooks full of delicious and lovingly-photographed food. She got her start blogging, and gradually gained more and more readers, with the cookbooks and T.V. show following after years of plugging away. Her success story is inspiring to me as a fledgling blogger. 

Hands down, my favorite part of her blog is: the food.

Some people like to look at pictures of cats or watch videos of babies and dogs to kill time, but I like to look at Pioneer Woman recipes and fantasize about the possibility that I might make them in my own kitchen.

I have made a few of her recipes, and they were amazing.

 Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls.

 Crash Hot Potatoes.

 Patty Melts.

 Perfect Iced Coffee.

But I’ve looked at dozens more, and I can tell you, my docket for cooking projects is filling up quickly! It’s mostly her desserts that get me itchin’ for the kitchen’ (HAHA, I just made that up!) but everything from the burgers to tacos to monkey bread looks amazing. I strongly urge you hop over to the Pioneer Woman and take a peek. If you love to read recipes and look at gorgeous food, that is the place to go. But plan to fix yourself a snack when you’re finished, because it will make you hungry!

6 responses to “I Heart The Pioneer Woman

  1. jaclynmariet says:

    I also adore the Pioneer Woman. Her cookbook was one of my favorite bridal shower gifts I received last year. I recommend the chocolate sheet cake…between the cake and the frosting, it uses a whole pound of butter, but oh, is it good! I also use her pizza dough recipe frequently. And her enchiladas are also excellent. And doesn’t she just seem like the kind of person you’d like to know in real life?

  2. HillJ says:

    Hi, here’s an FYI about the Pioneer Woman.

    You know, I used to be a Pioneer Woman fan too and read her blog on a regular basis, but something wasn’t ringing true for me. She held herself out as just a “little ol’ ranch wife” but the truth is, she wasn’t even close. When I learned in reality she was married to one of the largest landowners in the US and had built a custom television studio on their property, which she cleverly concealed as a “lodge remodel” on her blog, I had to stop and ask myself, how many ranch wives have the means to do that? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having money, this is America after all. But when you deceive your readers and misrepresent yourself as something you’re not, intelligent people’s radars go up. Most people don’t like being made to feel like chumps.

    I also learned that she has tons of household help, tutors for homeschooling her kids, maids who run errands and tidy up her multiple homes and an entire cadre of people who help her manage her blog. Rumor has it she even has butlers for miscellaneous chores. In reality, there is no Pioneer Woman. All this “little ol’ ranch wife” b.s. is nothing but a fake internet persona manufactured by Ree Drummond and her Madison Avenue publicists. Ask yourself, how many “little ol’ ranch wives” can hire a P.R. firm and retain representation by United Talent Agency?

    And the fact Ree has lifted most of her recipes from church and community cookbooks without crediting her sources is lame. In 2012 alone, Drummond became embroiled in not one, but two plagiarism scandals. Instead of acknowledging the incidents, Drummond simply deleted the offending posts and pretended they never happened. One such incident involved an Etsy artist. Ree’s cowardice and the fact she never apologized made it appear she was trying to cover up the entire incident.

    Before blogging adoringly about a fake internet persona, here are some links about the real Ree:

    • judy says:

      Thanks for your comment. No one represents themselves 100 percent honestly online, so what you say doesn’t sound totally off the wall. However, what you say also doesn’t change the fact that I really desperately need to make her (mother-in-law’s) chocolate cake. I enjoy Ree’s blog, I enjoy her food photography. I appreciate that her brand has grown large enough to require agency representation. I believe she must be wealthy because she bought a freaking city block in her town. I wish you well on your quest to discredit the Pioneer Woman.

      • Rose says:

        Nicely handled. “HillJ” is actually the vile Marlboro Woman herself. She spends all her waking hours scouring the Internet for commentary on the Pioneer Woman, then when she finds a PW-oriented post, she chimes in with her own negative comments. (What she’s posted above, she’s posted on many other sites. It’s her canned response.)

        Truth is, she is a sad individual who devotes all her free time — and then some — to developing her hate site. Enough said.

  3. Dot says:

    Ah yes, looks as if the Marlboro Woman’s psycho-stalker, who uses multiple pseudonyms like Rose, Campbell, Whatever, Who Cares, Better, Xoxoxo can’t quit her obsession with the MW. Sorry she found your site Judy. When MW’s webmaster banned her, poor Rose went into a tailspin. “Rose” or whoever she is today is a bi-polar looney with Internet access. Be careful, the cyber-squatter will return. Using other blogger’s sites to exact vengeance is her favorite pastime.

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