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No Changes to Report

on June 10, 2013

I had one of my twice-weekly testing appointments today. It was one of my shorter visits to the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic, lasting only about 75 minutes. The BPP ultrasound was a breeze this time since Agnes decided to cooperate and practice breathing right away. The tech only needs to watch about 30 seconds of breathing to count it as a “pass” for breathing, and usually Agnes holds out on us. Not today. My amniotic fluid is still really high, which I’m worried about, but no one else seems terribly concerned. The doppler results also looked about the same as they have been, so there are no real developments. The NST went pretty well, I guess. I was kind of sleepy so I stopped paying attention and read a Baby Talk magazine while Agnes’s heart thumped away. After a while the nurse came and unhooked me, so I guess the results were fine. Whatevs.

One week from today I will be giving birth. That is totally blowing my mind right now. I don’t really feel prepared since I haven’t practiced my deep breathing or pushing positions or anything. I did read the chapter on labor and delivery in the What to Expect book, and that helped a little. I’ve already been to the labor and delivery wing of the hospital so I feel pretty good about that. The rooms are nice LDR suites (labor, delivery, and recovery) with a bassinet so baby can room in. I wonder if that will be possible for me and Agnes? There is a NICU at Akron General which should be sufficient for Agnes if she needs intensive care. I think they only send serious case babies to Akron Children’s hospital and Agnes might not qualify as serious enough for that (I hope).

I’m trying to think about this as levelly as possible. We met with Fr. Sal about Agnes’s baptism, and we’re talking about where to put the bassinet in our bedroom, and thinking about installing the infant car seat. We’re trying not to think like she will be stuck in the hospital for a long time, or that something might be seriously wrong with her. I’m trying not to think about the horrible side effects of the drugs they will give me to induce labor. I’m trying not to think about the fairly high chances I might end up in the middle of an emergency caesarean.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Yay, new baby. Yay, new baby.


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