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The Best News!!!!

on June 6, 2013

Today we met with the pediatric neurologist in addition to the usual round of tests. He had the best news to share with us:

One of the MRI scans.

One of the MRI scans.

Because of the way Agnes’s brain ventricles are enlarged, he is confident that her chances of developing normally and having no future brain problems are 99%. There are four ventricles in the brain, two in front and two in back. It is only the back two ventricles that are enlarged, and the doctor says this is why he is so confident Agnes will have no problems. The front part of the brain develops first in a fetus, and the back part doesn’t finish developing until practically the last week or two before birth. He says some babies have this problem with the extra fluid, and the swelling reduces on its own the closer the baby gets to birth, and even after birth. He is not concerned about Agnes firstly because the swelling in her brain ventricles is fairly minor, secondly because it is only the back ventricles that are swollen, and thirdly because the MRI scan shows Agnes has every little piece of brain accounted for in its proper place.

So, long story short, the doctor said it is 99% likely Agnes will not need a shunt or any other kind of surgery, and she has a 99% chance of developing normally.

Didn’t I say miracle a while back? Here is our miracle. This is certainly a wildly different story compared to when we first found out about the ventriculomegaly and heard what our docs in Albuquerque projected for Agnes’s condition.

There is Agnes's eye. You can see how the back part of the ventricle area is larger than the front.

There is Agnes’s eye. You can see how the back part of the ventricle area is larger than the front.

As for the ultrasound and NST, a few mixed results as always. The NST was non-reactive, but since this wasn’t a change from previous tests, no one was particularly concerned. The ultrasound did reveal that my amniotic fluid is way up since the last time, which seems like a cause for concern, but the perinatology doctor must not have thought so, because she didn’t even stop in to see me like she usually does when I go for these tests. The ultrasound also revealed that the ventricles are still holding at their measurements and at least not getting bigger; but they’re also not getting smaller (yet?). My ultrasound in a week will cover the growth measurements so I have to wait to know how much Agnes weighs at this point.

She is going to be a stinker for sure. She held her breath until the last possible minute during the BPP; the tech sat with the ultrasound wand waiting for baby breathing for nearly fifteen minutes before Agnes finally gave in. She also refused to react to the buzzer zaps today during the NST. But I felt her moving when we got in the car to leave for home. The little stinker. We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.


One response to “The Best News!!!!

  1. marti mc says:

    Praise God and all the angels! Thank you Jesus and Mary for your abundant grace and miracle!!

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