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A Posty Post

on June 5, 2013

Today we did a bunch of unrelated stuff:

-We finally went through our boxes of kitchen stuff and pulled out the few essential items we want. Since we moved in with my parents and their fully-stocked kitchen, we don’t need to unpack most of our things. I jut want a few important pieces like my blender and my sharp knives and the cherry pitter. And a few others.

-We watched while two burly guys from the Salvation Army loaded all our reject garage sale stuff in their truck and hauled it all away. Yesssss.

-We went to Aldi to check it out since I can’t remember ever going there when I lived in Ohio before and the ads we get every week in the mail look super interesting. Turns out the store is totally worth the extra effort to get over there. I will definitely be making at least a monthly trip to stock up on pantry items like breakfast cereal, canned goods, juice, frozen foods, and packaged dairy like cheese slices and milk gallons. The prices are ridiculously low! I just made a big shopping trip at Acme earlier this week and bought a few cans of beans at Acme’s best price of $1/can. Now I feel foolish since I know that Aldi stocks bean cans for $0.59/can.

-We went to a chinese restaurant for dinner since we were out shopping late enough that there wasn’t time to make the dinner I had planned. Plus we were feeling lazy. Plus it was my parents’ favorite chinese restaurant. The menu is quite extensive; however, after thorough perusal both Jeremy and I ended up ordering the same dish. What are the odds? I guess we both liked the sound of a huge plate of noodles doused in curry sauce with chicken, shrimp, pork, and shredded veg. Yum.

-Stephen took a nap this afternoon against his will, and now he’s getting back at me by singing in his crib when he’s supposed to be down for the night. Singing…or hooting…or doing vocal warm up exercises…

-And that about sums it up. Tomorrow bright and early I have another round of tests for Agnes, as well as a meeting with the pediatric neurologist. As always, I intend to share the deets. Provided they don’t induce labor tomorrow. But that’s not too likely. I hope.


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