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What I Wore Sunday: June 2 Happy Birthday!

on June 2, 2013

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday.


Today is my birthday! Yay! So far to celebrate my birthday, in no particular order:

1) I finished the Lemon Buttermilk Pound Cake and ate a slice. Mmmmm. So delicious.





2) Stephen escaped the house two times through the back door. He opens the real door, opens the screen door, climbs the steps up into the garage, opens the back door that goes to the back yard, runs around the garage and into the front yard, where Jeremy saw him through the window on the first occasion. Then we decided to keep the door locked. But. On the second occasion, it took a while for me to notice the lack of baby sounds and start looking. I saw him through the window standing in the street with the neighbor lady from across the street. So now I have an escape artist baby and neighbors who think I’m an irresponsible mother. Anyway, I do feel like an irresponsible mother. It could have turned out so much worse and I’m still recovering from the horror.

3) Jeremy bought me the Pioneer Woman‘s second cookbook. Yay! What you may not know is that I read cookbooks cover to cover like novels. The Pioneer Woman cookbook is like a novel with pictures. She does beautiful step-by-step photos of every recipe. I’m excited to have this on my shelf. And my mom bought me a big billowy dress that is exactly what I need for these hot summer days being extremely pregnant.

4) We went to church at Holy Ghost. This is what I wore:


This maybe should have been first on my list, but important things first. Cake. First. Always.

Here’s that dress from Walmart again. I do really like it. And a short sleeved sweater to cover the shoulders, which I bought several years ago at Target. and my black head scarf again. I do want to chat with Fr. Sal about the practice of women covering their heads and whether that’s a common thing in the Eastern church or not. I do like to do it, but no one else at Holy Ghost does. That doesn’t necessarily mean no Eastern Catholics do, but I’m not sure! Do any of my lovely readers know about the practice of women veiling in the Byzantine traditions?

I’m also wearing my pink shoes with the flowers on the toes, but you can’t really see them through the grass. I bought those at Target, too, which is apparently the only place I seem to buy new clothing…

Look, there’s Stephen in the background trying to run away.


One response to “What I Wore Sunday: June 2 Happy Birthday!

  1. That is a really great dress!

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