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Small Changes in Agnes’ Condition

on May 30, 2013

Agnes had a check-up today consisting of an NST, a BPP ultrasound, and a growth ultrasound.

The NST was non-reactive yet again. Her heart rate barely accelerated at all even when the nurse zapped her with the buzzer. Agnes also hardly moved during the test, which is a bit unusual. She usually moves so much they have a hard time catching her heart beat on the monitor. But the results were not alarming enough to merit an early delivery. The doctor said a non-reactive NST is not unusual for babies with ventriculomegaly.

The BPP ultrasound was an easy pass for Agnes as usual. She demonstrated movement, breathing, good heart rate, etc. The S/D ratio in the umbilical cord was not a high reading today, so that’s good. However, the test did show an increase in amniotic fluid since the last time, which is kind of strange. I remember being told in Albuquerque that the fluid amount hardly ever increases as the pregnancy continues. The doctor here said the increase in fluid is worrisome since it may indicate Agnes is having trouble swallowing. Just like they are watching her heart rate behaviors, they will watch the fluid because the brain controls all those functions and now it’s starting to look like there are problems with the connection between brain and other areas.

The growth ultrasound revealed an increase of fluid in Agnes’ kidneys. It’s called renal hydro-something-or-other and it had appeared on a previous ultrasound, but today it was more pronounced.

The growth ultrasound also showed that Agnes’ weight is up to approximately 3 lbs 14 oz. This is an increase since the last time, but not by very much. She only gained 11 ounces in two weeks. Her size is still under the 10th percentile, but the doc didn’t say what her percentile is. She still has growth restriction (no surprise). The doctor concurs with my OB that there is most likely a genetic issue going on since there are noticeable problems across multiple systems. She asked me kind of wistfully, “you probably still don’t want to do an amniocentesis?” No, I really don’t. Maybe if they had tried hard to sell me on the benefits of an amnio several weeks ago I would have gone for it, but at this point Agnes could arrive next week so what’s the point of doing the amnio now? They can test her genes when she’s born probably easier and with a less risky method. Even if she does miraculously make it to the magic 37 weeks and I do the amnio now, it will give us a two week edge at most. Is that worth it? I don’t know.

All these results are less than encouraging for me and I really have to stretch to see the bright side:

a) at least they didn’t send me to labor and delivery today.

b) at least Agnes did grow since the last growth ultrasound two weeks ago.

c) at least her NST was borderline ooching to worrisome, rather than a total and utter failure.

d) at least she’s still alive in there.


Saint Agnes, pray for us.

Saint Maria Goretti, pray for us.

Mary Mother of God, pray for us.


One response to “Small Changes in Agnes’ Condition

  1. Catherine says:

    I am prayIng for you and your sweet baby girl Agnes.

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