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“Chocolate Gelato Saved My Marriage!”

on May 28, 2013

HAhahahaha, have you ever seen this before?

This is kind of an inside, running joke between me and Jeremy. This ad is so ridiculous. Ha ha. Ha. Okay.



chocolate gelato close up

The gelato was so good. So so good. I cooked the custard yesterday and this afternoon Jeremy was kind enough to give it a spin in the ice cream maker for me. After a couple hours to ripen in the freezer, it was delish after dinner tonight.

chocolate gelato

When I did kick counting this afternoon, Agnes must have been asleep or something because I only counted 6 kicks for the 30 minute time frame. Agnes has never given me a count in the single digits, so I was a little worried. Especially since I took my hands and jiggled her around a couple times to wake her up. When I finally decided to throw in the towel and give up counting, she started moving right away. The little stinker. Here I was wondering if I should call the doctor even though the count was technically higher than 4, though much much lower than I usually get. And she was just being ornery.

On top of that little scare, I also felt icky today, like one giant contraction was gripping my uterus most of the day. I couldn’t even try to keep track of how often I was feeling contractions, because I never really noticed that I wasn’t having one, which seems to me to be a prerequisite for noticing when a new one begins. Whatevs. I know I’m not in labor, just feeling icky. The discomfort level is relatively minor, plus all day the intensity of contraction never increased. Plus I have none of the other usual signs of impending labor. Diagnosis: indigestion with a side of big fat pregnant body.

But now I feel amazing, because chocolate gelato came into my life. This stuff was so chocolatey: for one half gallon the recipe has 1 cup of cocoa powder plus 8 ounces of bittersweet chocolate. I can’t believe that much chocolate even fit. It was a miracle of cooking chemistry. And speaking of cooking chemistry miracles, have you ever whisked egg yolks with granulated sugar? They get so thick! You could spread that stuff on toast! How does that even happen?

Anyway, I plan to be enjoying the rest of my chocolate gelato in the next few days as preparation for Agnes’ arrival. My unofficial prediction is that the NST on Thursday will precipitate her debut, but of course I hope I am wrong. If she can at least make it to Monday, she’ll be 35 weeks and everyone would be much less anxious should she make an appearance outside her womb. Plus if she stays cozy for a few more days, she gets to enjoy chocolate gelato-flavored amniotic fluid! Yummy!


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