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What I Wore Sunday: May 26

on May 26, 2013

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple. I haven’t done this link up in a while and it’s good to be back at it!

Jeremy and I have decided to attend Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church, which is an Eastern Rite Catholic tradition. This rite is in communion with Rome, but they follow a different liturgical calendar compared to Roman Catholic churches. So today we celebrated All Saints! In the Roman calendar All Saints is Novemeber 1st, but the Eastern Catholics observe it on the Sunday after Pentecost to make the link between the gift of the Holy Spirit and what the Holy Spirit can do in our lives if we allow God to work through us–like the saints have done!

100_1644Today for Liturgy I wore one of my favorite shirts, a new skirt I bought at Target (Liz Lange Maternity), a head scarf, and my trusty black Minnetonka Moccasins. I look a lot pregnant-er since the last time I appeared in a WIWS link up! Actually, the shirt may not work for me if I continue much longer in the pregnancy. It’s starting to not pull over the tummy as well.

The skirt is pretty roomy. I maybe should have gotten the smaller size, but I’m just so tired of my clothes being ill-fitting and falling off my body. I definitely won’t be able to transition this skirt to post-maternity wear, unless I engineer something to hold up the waist. I might be able to do it but the question is, do I want to bother with it? Hmm… we’ll see.

I opted for the head scarf today since we’re going to a new church and it’s not Roman Catholic. I’m sure the folks there don’t care if I cover my head, but my lacy chapel veil really screams “Roman Catholic! Roman Catholic!” Or maybe I’m just being sensitive.

Stephen was kind of ornery at church today like he rarely ever is. It was strange. He was still much better behaved than I have any right to demand of a two-year-old, but it was a change for him. At least he still looks adorable.

Tomorrow I go to the hospital for an NST (non-stress test) for Agnes. Remember, this is where they strap on a fetal heart rate monitor and listen to her heart beats for a period of time; usually not less than 30 minutes, and often longer. They’re listening for her heart rate to accelerate when she kicks; 15 beats per minute above where her baseline happens to be. If her heart rate doesn’t accelerate by at least 15 beats per minute when she moves, that indicated that she may not be receiving enough oxygen. If her heart rate actually gets slower in response to movement, that is really bad and indicated fetal distress. I had an NST last Tuesday that didn’t produce the desired results so I was stuck in the hospital overnight while the docs listened to Agnes and decided whether or not to deliver her. I had an NST last Friday that really looked poor until Agnes perked at the last possible moment and I was released to be on my way. That was a close call.

We’re praying that Agnes “passes” her test tomorrow because it would be much better for everyone–me, Jeremy, Agnes, my doctors–if Agnes is not born this week. I will be only 34 weeks pregnant when I go in tomorrow. If she can hang on for at least one more week, everyone would feel a lot better about her health and chances of thriving.

But the reality is that Agnes could arrive tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on what signs come across on the test. My hospital bag is ready to go and I’m mentally and emotionally prepared (almost) for the fact that I could have a newborn this week. Almost prepared. Almost.

Here’s a round up of Agnes’ story in case you’re just tuning in:

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Part Three: Ventriculomegaly Update

Part Four: Update on the Baby Girl

Part Five: 24 Hours of Fetal Monitoring

Part Five-and-a-half: Fetal Monitoring Update

Part Six: More News About Baby Girl

Part Seven-ish: 7 Quick Takes (a few of the takes are about Agnes)


One response to “What I Wore Sunday: May 26

  1. Cam says:

    I really like your shirt and the headcovering too.

    And prayers for tomorrows test! I’ll be praying that the results are good and that your little one can stay put a bit longer!

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