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7 Quick Takes: May 24

on May 24, 2013

Lookee, I remembered to do the Friday Quick Takes link-up actually on Friday this week! Go me. Head over to conversion diary for the rest of the link-up fun.

1. I am struggling a little with coming to terms with the fact that I could have a baby literally at any moment. Seriously, she could arrive next week. I have an NST scheduled for Monday morning, with another one on Thursday afternoon. If at any time, baby’s heart rate fails to elevate the appropriate amount in response to her movements, the doctors will almost certainly induce delivery. It’s a little scary to think about. This weekend Jeremy and I are going to try to get some things in place just in case. Set up the baby swing and a changing station, and acquire a few preemie size outfits for a tiny newborn. Stephen was born into 3-month size clothes, so we have nothing small enough for a midget preemie baby girl.

2. On a related note, Agnes is baby girls’ official name. We have been telling people in person, but it was never revealed officially on the blog here until my husband’s guest post earlier this week. She will be named Agnes Maria, in honor of Saint Agnes and Saint Maria Goretti, both of whom were young martyrs. Agnes is often pictured holding a lamb, and the name means “lamb.” It’s been kind of cool so far, when I tell the medical folks she’s named for Saint Agnes, I actually meet a lot of other Catholics. I’ve chatted with at least three nurses who are Catholic. It makes me feel a little better about my sticky situation.

3. Also on a related note, I have been feeling physically less well the past couple days, and the only difference in my condition that I can tell is my new knowledge about what’s going on with Agnes. It’s all in my mind, and it’s annoying. There is too much to do; I can’t just be moping around feeling heavy and out of sorts. I know I do need to take it easy, but my body’s limitations are really starting to bug me.

4. These are the cookies I intended to bake today:


5. These are the cookies I bought at Costco today:



Maybe I’ll bake cookies this weekend. Ha. Ha ha.

6. This morning I went to Divine Liturgy at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church. I was feeling the deep desire to attend something liturgical and sacramental, especially since this weekend might be my last chance to beef up on graces before Agnes arrives suddenly. I was a little nervous to go since I’ve only been to Divine Liturgy one other time (last Sunday) and I know a daily service is not the place to hang out if your requirement for participation is to follow the people in the pew ahead of you. At a daily liturgy, there aren’t any people in the pew ahead of you. Luckily, there was one guy who looked like he knew what to do, so I followed him. Fr. Sal was pleased to see me there, since the last time he saw me was in a hospital bed. He said he’s been praying for me and Agnes which is really nice. I think Jeremy and I are definitely going to attend that church as our parish. I really like the Divine Liturgy and the icons and the singing. And the people I’ve talked to at the church are very welcoming and friendly.

7. We found some supposedly “ready-to-eat” beets at Costco today. Since Stephen loved beets the other night when I served them, we bought the Costco beets for baby food. We served some to Stephen for dinner. He ate a bite, gagged and choked on it a little because it was hard or something, then refused the rest of his place. Including the chocolate pancakes that were on the plate. Now I’m afraid he won’t eat another beet for the rest of his life. Thanks, Costco, for your hard “ready-to-eat” beets that probably killed my toddler’s appetite for beets.

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