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Fetal Monitoring Update

on May 22, 2013

Hi, this is Judy again. So, yesterday was a bit of a crazy scary whirlwind.

It really looked possible the doctors were going to induce labor and take baby out, the way they were talking and explaining potential outcomes. But, luckily, as Jeremy said is his post yesterday, baby perked up after I was finally able to eat something.

So, docs, maybe the next time a preggo lady comes into triage asking when can she eat because it’s lunchtime and she hasn’t eaten since breakfast, you should just let her eat. Better for mom, better for baby, better for everyone.

Just to flesh out the details, what happened was I went to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic at Akron Children’s Hospital for my regularly scheduled NST (non-stress test). What they like to see is an acceleration in the baby’s heart rate whenever she makes a movement. They weren’t seeing that after about an hour or watching, so they sent me to Akron General Hospital where I ultimately plan to deliver when the time truly comes. They hooked me up to fetal monitors for baby’s heart rate, my own contractions, and they also started me on an I.V. fluid drip. They gave me two shots of steroid medication to quicken baby’s lung maturation in case an early delivery does occur. I’m really glad baby started to produce heart beat patterns the docs wanted to see. All the monitoring overnight looked great enough that they decided to send me home earlier today than the original plan indicated. They discharged me around 10am with instructions merely to take it easy, drink lots of water, and call if anything about my condition changes. This is awesome because I was totally expecting them to put me on some sort of bed rest for the duration of the pregnancy! They also set me up for continued twice-weekly NST visits, and additionally twice-weekly doppler ultrasounds to look at the blood flow from the placenta to the umbilical cord and into the baby. They think this where the problem with her growth restriction lies. They took several readings of the resistance over the placenta, and one of them came back elevated, which means the baby isn’t getting quite the right rate of blood and nutrients from the placenta.

So, that’s that. Hopefully things go well for the next few weeks. The closer baby can get to her due date, the better!


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