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24 Hours of Fetal Monitoring

on May 21, 2013

By guest blogger Jeremy Schwager (Judy’s Husband)

Judy asked me to post on her blog today because she is spending 24 hours or so hooked up to a fetal monitor. This makes it hard to type.

We went in to Akron Children’s hospital today to get an ultrasound, which is a twice weekly occurrence at this point in the pregnancy. We got some really nice photos of baby Agnes.

2013-05-21 19.56.46

3D Image

Unfortunately the fetal monitoring that they did on Judy didn’t go so well. The baby is really active and swims away every time any impertinent nurse ries to monitor her. We were especially unsuccessful today so the doctors feared the baby was in distress. The y can only keep a patient so long at the particular department of Children’s we were at  so they transferred us to Akron General where they could monitor at their leisure. Unfortunately this means the decided to take lots and lots of time. And they also decided that Judy should not eat because of a possible eminent birth by induction or c-section. The baby continued to be lackadaisical and resist monitoring. Mom and baby wer both understandably grumpy as this dragged on. This continued until about 3:30 when the doctors finally allowed Judy to eat. I went down stairs to Au Bon Pain and purchased a delicious turkey sandwich. After eating the turkey sandwich, Agnes became active (she was no longer starving) and doctors began to see the results they were looking for.

Judy is now resting comfortably in a brand new fetal monitoring unit in Akron General which just opened today. They don’t even have signs on the walls yet. She is in good spirits. Judy’s dad said her happiness is probably the best thing for the health of the baby. I agree!

2013-05-21 20.59.37

Little sign says “Fetal Monitoring Unit”

We got a visit from Fr. Sal at Holy Ghost Ukranian Catholic Church which was really nice. Especially since we only met him last Sunday.  He heard Judy’s confession and gave her communion. He said he would be happy to come for an emergency baptism if necessary as well.

Judy will probably be released tomorrow in the early afternoon. Please pray for Agnes and Judy.


2 responses to “24 Hours of Fetal Monitoring

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    We visited the cathedral in Evora, Portugal yesterday. The cathedral is known for its statue of the pregnant Virgin Mary — 14th century, I think. She has been known for centuries to aid pregnancies and birth. Dad and I prayed there for Judy and Baby Girl. (Is Agnes her official name?)

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