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Baby Vocabulary

on May 20, 2013

Stephen is learning new words left and right. It’s really cute, especially when he busts out a new word, totally in context and reasonably well-pronounced. This evening his new show-stopper was “beets.” Yes, we had roast beets with our dinner and I served Stephen just two or three bites because there weren’t that many to start with and I was pretty sure he would turn up his nose and his portion would end up in the garbage can. But he tried one and made a funny face, then he proceeded to eat the rest  of his beets. So I announced to the table at large, “Stephen ate all his beets!” To which statement he replied, “beets,” while holding out his plate to me for a refill. So I happily sacrificed the remainder of my portion of beets since I mostly eat them out of obligation (they’re healthy for me). The best part about “beets” is that Stephen pronounced it perfectly clearly, with all the appropriate consonants and everything. It was amazing.

100_1516Here is a round up of many of Stephen’s other words:

Cat/kitty: “caeh” “ki”

Dog: “woohf”

Daddy: “da-DA” (he puts the emphasis on the second syllable)

Mommy: “ma” (which he actually says very rarely)

Hi: “hi”

Shirt: “shirt”

Shoes: “jooz”

Juice: “jooz”

Jesus: “jooz”

Platypus: “poos” (his sleepy time toy)

Motorcycle: “brrrr” (includes waving finger gesture)

Brush: “brush”

Chips (as in potato or corn chips): “burts”

Ball: “baw”

Butt: “butt”

Apple Juice: “ah-pl-jooz”

Apple: “ah-pl”

Banana: “nya”

Yogurt: “gurt”

No: “no”

Yes: “yeah”

Go: “go-go-go-go”

Good: “gd-gd-gd”

Brobee: “boy-ee”

“yay,” “oh yeah,” “whoa!” “wow”

He is also starting to repeat words when we talk to him, but the above list are the ones that have stuck so far and that he says independently without prompting. Sentences are right around the corner! I’m pretty excited that I have such a cute little toddler guy.


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