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Moving Stuff from One Room to the Other

on May 13, 2013

We’ve been busy around here, but when I go to tell someone what we did all day, it ends up being a very short list. Essentially what it boils down to is simply moving stuff from one room to another room. Sometimes we put the stuff in a box and take it elsewhere, sometimes we bring a box of stuff to a room and take everything out of the box. Mostly what we did today was put stuff that was in one box into another box, then take that box to the basement or out to the trash can. We also did a fair amount of sorting stuff that was in a box or a bag into a couple different boxes…

It was really boring.

In somewhat more exciting progress, we finally finished painting in our room so it is totally and completely done! All we need to do is find homes for all the loose stuff [put it in a box?] and then I’ll take a picture of the “after.” Here’s the before:

Our room, almost ready.

Our room, almost ready.

Here the window frames are still waiting for their second coat of paint and the wall sockets are still missing their covers, but you get the idea. I also want to get some curtains to hang with the blinds that are already there, but that is not even close to being a priority.

We also cleared out the room my parents were using as an office. My mom moved her computer downstairs so Jeremy and I can use that room as our own office. We’ll put our computer in there and also our icons and religious images so we can pray our family rosary in there.

We’re going to paint in the office, too, since it’s empty. We have to go pick out a paint color which might be either very easy or very difficult. It has to be something neutral, preferably pale, more on the warm side, and look good with the wood closet doors and hardwood floor. That narrows the field of choices down to about several dozen, so it’s a start.

I’m chomping at the bit to get Stephen’s room finished as well. We did end up arranging his furniture and unpacking all his toys. We couldn’t have him sleeping in a pack-n-play any longer! But we didn’t get a fresh coat of paint up in his room yet, and it really needs a facelift. Hopefully his room won’t be far behind the office. Here’s a picture of Stephen’s room “before”:

Stephen's room, close to being almost ready.

Stephen’s room, close to being almost ready.

You can see he’s still living out of a suitcase at the time this photo was taken last week, and there is still residual “sewing room” stuff to be removed. Stephen’s room looks really nice now that it’s all set up, except for the dingy walls. I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow of his cute little set up, then maybe another photo when everything is done.

Anyway, I won’t say that we’ve been having fun with all this, but we are making visible progress and each day we can feel satisfied with what we’ve accomplished. That’s something, and I’m grateful to have a big project to sink my teeth into, even if it feels overwhelming at times.

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