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Mary, Help of Medicaid Applicants

on May 7, 2013

I don’t think that’s one of Mary the BVM’s official titles, but it should be. If you’ve ever applied for assistance from the state, you know the process can be tedious, circuitous, belabored, nit-picky, etc. My experience was nothing short of miraculous. Thanks, I’m sure, to the Blessed Mother, help of Medicaid Applicants.

First, I walked my butt down to the Department of Jobs and Family Services on Friday to turn in my application and let them photocopy my birth certificate. The clerk told me the agency would call me later to set up an official interview appointment. She said it could take two weeks to get an interview. She said there is no provisional coverage while my application is pending.

Second, on Monday I received a call from DJFS saying I can come in tomorrow between 10 and 12 noon for my interview. Okay, so that is lightning fast governmental efficiency I did not expect. I had been hoping to get an Ohio driver’s license first and for Jeremy to land a job before my interview so I wouldn’t have to walk in looking like a vagrant deadbeat.

Third, I tried to get a driver’s license, but they needed to see my marriage license to prove my name change. My marriage license that was in the file cabinet, in a U-box, in some U-haul warehouse somewhere in Akron. This was actually a devastating development because at that point I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to get Medicaid without an in-state I.D. or at the very least DJFS would absolutely require my marriage license as well, which I could not furnish.

Fourth, I sniffled up the hysterics and headed over to DJFS for my interview “appointment.” We arrived at the office at 10:16am; I know this because the take-a-number ticket has a time stamp. At 12:15pm I sent Jeremy home with Stephen who looked like he was about to pass out from being hungry, tired, sick, or possibly all three. I watched all the DJFS employees waltz through the lobby on the way back from their lunch break. My number was called a little after 1pm!

By the way, if you ever want an interesting experience, go sit in your local county aid waiting room and listen to the ladies chat with each other. All I will say is OMG.

The actual interview for medical assistance went rather smoothly, despite the fact that I could only provide about 2/3 of the documented evidences the agent wanted from me. At least I had proof of residence and pregnancy and identity and citizenship. After all the difficulties, I ended up qualifying for medical assistance and food assistance. The agent would say something like, “do you have your marriage license?” And I would answer something like “no, it’s still packed.” And he would say “That’s okay.” Really? Great!

Jeremy told me later that when he was in the car on his way back to pick me up, he had a strong impulse to pray, so he prayed a decade of the rosary and a flying novena (9 Memorare prayers). He thought maybe I was in the interview. He was right, and thanks to his prayers and the intercession of Mary, Help of Medicaid Applicants, I will receive my assistance cards in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

Amen. Alleluia!

2 responses to “Mary, Help of Medicaid Applicants

  1. mothersuperior7 says:

    OUTSTANDING!! You go girl! Flying Novena?? Who knew??! Love it!

    • judy says:

      Yes, Mother Theresa used to call it a flying novena when she prayed 9 “Memorare” prayers in a row for an urgent need. I think it’s a great idea!

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