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Settling In

on May 4, 2013

At my parents’ house, Jeremy and I are currently sleeping in the bedroom that used to be mine, henceforth to be known as “the guest room.” This is really hard, because it was “my room” for fifteen years. But “our room” is going to be across the hall when our furniture arrives on Tuesday because it’s a better room to fit our queen size bed. That room used to be “Sarah’s room.” Stephen is going to live in “the sewing room” because that is where we used to have the sewing machine, craft supplies, fabric stash, et al. But now it’s going to be “Stephen’s room.” It’s all really confusing and this is one of the big problems with moving back in with your parents, but no one ever talks about it. I think this issue should gain more coverage in the press.

Since our furniture and all our stuff won’t arrive until Tuesday, we decided to seize the opportunity to spruce up the interiors of a couple rooms while they are practically empty. We spent the whole day cleaning and prepping “our room” for a fresh coat of paint: washing windows, wiping walls, sanding off ancient poster mount tape marks, filling nail holes. We found a can of paint in the basement that is perfect for the new wall color so all we needed to buy was a can of semi-gloss to repaint the trims. The room is going to look great when it is finished! We can also get a good start on “Stephen’s room” too, since the only things in there are his little pack-n-play and a few loose items that haven’t found a new home yet. It felt really good to be doing something today. I enjoyed working on a physical project and getting my hands dirty doing something productive. I may have overdone it a little, though. I ran out of steam and developed a head ache around 2:30 or 3:00pm, so Jeremy had to continue on his own while I took a rest. I can’t help but remember the day right before Stephen was born when I worked really hard cleaning the bathroom top to bottom, then in the middle of the night, labor started. Hopefully that won’t happen here! We’re still quite far from baby girl’s due date and seriously, it would be really inconvenient for her to arrive right now.

But I’ve learned my lesson. Only light duties from now on, being helpful in a low-impact kind of way. I will try to remember this as we finish painting “our room” and then start to unload our furniture on Tuesday. Jeremy may need to tie me to the couch so I don’t help too much.

I can’t wait for our stuff to be unpacked. I still feel like a guest in my parents’ home and I’m ready to settle in to normal life.


One response to “Settling In

  1. mothersuperior7 says:

    Judy, So glad you all made it safe and sound! Be REALLY careful around paint. It is NOT good for you to breath it while pregnant…!

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