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Chicken Catalogue

on April 17, 2013

I am totally wiped out from today. So all I have energy for is a post about the chicken catalogue I got in the mail today.



It's a premium Chick-N-Villa.

It’s a premium Chick-N-Villa.

Anyone Can Build a Tub Style Mechanical Chicken Plucker. Whew, that's a relief.

Anyone Can Build a Tub Style Mechanical Chicken Plucker. Whew, that’s a relief.

So many pretty birds.

So many pretty birds.


Jeremy does subscribe to a couple gardening and self-sufficiency magazines, so I’m not totally surprised this arrived in the mail for us. But it is kind of amusing to flip through a catalogue to pick out birds for my mail-in order. Plus we currently live in an apartment, which makes the idea of chicken farming even more laughable. I don’t think there’s room for the Chick-N-Villa out on the balcony. Plus I know lots of cities have ordinances against raising fowl within city limits. I don’t know if Rio Rancho has anything like that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Another amusing thing I discovered today while cleaning up, packing, and tossing out garbage:



I found this in the packet of new-parent material that I got from the hospital when I signed up for pregnancy care. Their program for prenatal education is called Baby Love. The welcome packet came with all the normal leaflets: caring for a newborn, proper nutrition for pregnancy and nursing, how to install a car seat, yadda yadda. And this. “Congratulations on being a new mom! We hope you’re enjoying your newborn. Now that you’ve had a baby, you probably want to know how you can prevent it from ever happening again! Well, here at Baby Love, we want you to know too, because your newborn was expensive and we don’t want to provide care for any more babies than we absolutely have to. Plus we hate running those stupid labor and delivery education classes. Yours truly, the hospital.”

A fine example of the current state of medical care.


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