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Eat-the-Freezer Challenge Update

on April 15, 2013

Almost a couple weeks ago, I posted about our goal to consume all the foods in our freezer and refrigerator before we moved, here. Back then, we had seventeen days to accomplish the task. Now we have six days remaining on that time table, and we are doing pretty darn good if I do say so myself. We’ve eaten enough of our freezer foods that all the food that is left can fit in the little freezer on top of the fridge. Score. We do have a lot of things in the refrigerator, but it’s mostly leftovers from meals we’ve prepared recently, and they will disappear quickly, especially on the days later this week when the extent of my menu planning is, “use what we can find” for dinner.


And now, a brief recap of how far we’ve come in a few short days.

100_1591Meats: 1 rack of ribs; 6.5 pounds 1 pound of boneless chicken breast; 6 chicken drumsticks plus 2 thighs; 4 thin cut pork chops; 1 pound ground beef; 1 pound bacon; approximately 12 meatballs

Produce:  partial 16 ounce bag green beans; 16 ounce bag plus 32 ounce bag corn kernels; partial bag mixed pepper strips; 5 hash brown patties plus about 1 cup loose shreds; a bunch of several sweet potato baby food puree cubes; lots and lots of fresh frozen thai ginger slices, cilantro, fenugreek leaves, and curry leaves (all used in Thai and Indian cuisine)

Dairy: milk but I’m not worried; dozen 16(!) eggs but I’m not worried; 8 ounce brick of cream cheese; partial carton of ice cream; 1.75 0.75 pounds of butter but I’m not worried; actually I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up buying more milk, eggs, and butter before we leave. [WE DID!]

Miscellaneous items: 2 servings of leftover turkey noodle soup, yes from Thanksgiving turkey; gallon bag of chocolate chip cookies; single pie crust; many corn and flour tortillas; approximately 1 cup of nutritional yeast; approximately 2 cups 1 cup of oat bran; 4 pack 2 egg rolls; 3 hot dog buns but no dogs to match; assorted condiments; plus a nearly full half of a 3 pound bag of corn chips in the pantry cupboard; and an 18 pack of beer; and the last several inches in each of Jeremy’s liquor bottles.

100_1592We have menu plans to use up the corn kernels, the hash browns, the sweet potato puree cubes, the eggs and milk and butter, the egg rolls, the chicken breast. Now that the eggs have multiplied in my fridge, I’m planning to make Eggs Benedict for breakfast tomorrow morning. We have a few strips of that bacon left, so it won’t be real Eggs Benedict, but it will be close. And later this week I’ll make a corn curry from my Indian cookbook that will use hopefully all the corn, and some of those exotic herbs we’ve had in the freezer for months. We’ll serve some of the snack foods to our moving helpers on Saturday, and take some on the road with us. Whatever food is left, we’ll give away what we can, then throw the rest in the garbage! Bwahahahaha!!!!

Now I think I must go do my duty and eat the rest of the ice cream while Jeremy makes a double cocktail of whatever it is he has left in the liquor cabinet. I think it’s blended whiskey, amaretto, and sweet vermouth. Ick. Maybe throw in a sprig of exotic herbs to sweeten it up. Actually…ick.


One response to “Eat-the-Freezer Challenge Update

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    Wow! I’m impressed!

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