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What I Wore Sunday: April 7

on April 7, 2013

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! Today we didn’t have to get to mass early; when we rolled in about 15 minutes before mass time, we got our pick of any parking space and we could sit wherever we desired. I guess mass attendance is back to its pre-holy-week capacity.

100_1509I finally got a chance to wear one of my “new dresses” to mass. I bought it at Savers a few weeks ago with the plan to wear it Easter Sunday. But since the mass was outdoors and we were led to believe most of the seating would be on the grass, I opted not to wear it because the skirt length is relatively short for demurely sitting on the ground. I wore it today for mass in a church building and it was fine. It is a bit shorter than I prefer, but definitely not in the “I would rather die” realm of hem lengths. My taste in clothes has drastically changed within the last four or five years. I used to wear above-the-knee skirts with absolutely no problem; now I just don’t. The dress is George brand, which my husband informs me is Walmart’s “high end” label, for whatever that’s worth. I don’t think this dress is intended for maternity wear, but the style and fit of the dress allow me to wear it over my baby bump without too much trouble. As I get larger, though, the hem in front will become more noticeably shorter compared to the hem in back.

I experimented with a different way to pin my veil today and I like it a lot better. The way I used to do it, the veil was tighter across the top of my head. This way, the veil drapes more freely around my face. To me, this looks more like how a chapel veil should look. To do this pinning, I put my hair up in a half pony tail so I would have something to stick pins through. Then I criss-crossed two bobby pins at the top of my head, through the holes of the lace, then put one pin on each side about halfway between my ears and the top of my head. It felt very secure–maybe even more secure than my former method of pinning. It didn’t slip much at all, despite Stephen tugging on it a few times during mass.

I love my Minnetonka Moccasins. I pretty much wear them every day.

That shrug sweater is many years old. I bought it at Target one year to wear over my Easter dress to cover my shoulders. That’s pretty much all it’s good for since I can’t button it up any more. It is very handy to have for wearing over sleeveless dresses, which is almost all my dresses because designers think that, in addition to wanting boobs to fall out, pregnant ladies want to show off their naked arms all the time.

Incidentally, that reminds me that today I wore my trusty Motherhood Maternity camisole underneath the dress to improve the modesty of the neckline.

In other news, Stephen woke up at 5am for the second day in a row this morning, and I’m really starting to not like it. Yesterday I took a nap while I ignored Stephen yapping away in his crib, and today I yawned all the way through mass. Hopefully his sleep schedule straightens out soon. It’s been pretty rough.

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4 responses to “What I Wore Sunday: April 7

  1. I have that same dress! And I wore it while pregnant too! I believe I got it on the Walmart clearance rack, but I get compliments on it all the time, so who cares!

    • judy says:

      I really like it! It’s super comfy and looks really good. If Walmart didn’t make it for maternity, they should! It’s perfect!

  2. Chloe says:

    Love it! and I love how well you pinned your mantilla- mine gives me horns. Irony? I’m thinking about trying a half-circle style, but I might have to try your method first 🙂

    • judy says:

      I’ve found that the hairdo under the veil is the most important part of secure veiling. I tried heidi braids at first, but I guess they shift around or loosen over time or something, because they weren’t that great for pinning a veil to. Also I noticed they make a bit of a weird shape under the veil, not unlike the horns you refer to! No ‘do is the worst, though–nothing to pin to and the veil slides off immediately. The best I’ve found so far is a half pony; that provides ample pinning opportunity.

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