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Ten Dollar Sneakers

on April 6, 2013

Jeremy’s sneakers busted a hole in the side of the upper and it was getting larger and larger every minute he walked in them. When we took Stephen to the park, Jeremy got a gallon of sand in his shoe. His feet got wet when he walked through puddles. He could see his sock through the hole. It wasn’t pretty. So we went to Target for cheap sneaks. Jeremy picked out a cool bright red pair that I couldn’t believe. If you know my husband, you will also be surprised that he chose a pair of bright red athletic shoes. He decided they were the best of the lot and brought them home for thirty dollars. Not too bad. But after wearing them for a little while around the house, he realized they were a bit too narrow to be truly comfortable. Sadness. So we had to return them.

Where else could we go to choose a pair of inexpensive, reasonably well-made sneakers?

Then I had a flashback childhood memory: my dad used to buy his sneakers at Kmart, and I remembered they were comparably inexpensive compared to Target. So I called my dad to verify this information, and he said, “Why yes, I did used to buy sneakers at Kmart for ten dollars a pair. They did actually wear pretty well–you know, as well as you can expect a pair of ten dollar sneakers to wear. I did replace them every two or three years. Alas, there are no longer Kmarts in the area so now I buy sneakers elsewhere.” [Note: My dad doesn’t really talk like that, but the core content does reflect our conversation.]

First of all, he had me at “ten dollars.” I was impressed he got those shoes to last as long as two or three years, so I was pretty much convinced our next stop on Jeremy’s sneaker hunt should be Kmart. Jeremy asked, “Is there a Kmart nearby?” I said, “Yes, right next to Big Lots.” He didn’t remember ever seeing a Kmart there, which is really funny because Kmart is a physically GIGANTIC store. But I guess probably a lot of people see past a Kmart because no matter what town you’re in, there are never more than twelve cars in the ENORMOUS parking lot, and you know at least half of those have got to be employees. In Billings, groups going on day trip hikes or river rafting used to meet at Kmart and leave their cars there all day while they hopped on a bus or something. I think that was technically against the rules, but seriously, it’s not like Kmart is using those parking spaces for anything.

So we went to Kmart, and found the ten dollar sneakers. They are so cool! They definitely look a lot snazzier than I remember my dad’s. I guess Kmart has updated for trendy footwear. Jeremy’s pair came with neon green laces that he wasn’t nuts about, so he bought some black laces to replace the green ones. As a bonus, the store was having a Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off shoe sale. So I bought a pair, too. I’m keeping my neon laces. We spent fifteen dollars on two pairs of fantastic sneakers. I’d say that’s a big fat win.





2 responses to “Ten Dollar Sneakers

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    A total win! I love that Stephen’s bare toes are in the picture. 😉

  2. David Schwager says:

    I paid $13 for the last pair of shoes I bought at Goodwill. I think I will visit the KMart in Costa Mesa.

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