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7 Quick Takes Friday: April 5

on April 5, 2013

Linking up with many fine bloggers at Conversion Diary for the weekly Quick Takes.

1. Pretty much the only productive thing we did today was order a bunch of moving boxes on It said you can place an order and pick it up in the store, and that the order would be ready today. It wasn’t. We also tried to finalize some details with our U-box reservation, so we went down to the U-haul store thinking it would be easier to do it all in person. It wasn’t. They gave us a number to call and the guy hasn’t called back yet. So, today was a bit of a wash as far as moving progress goes.

2. Since we finished watching Mad Men and Foyle’s War on Netflix, we needed to pick a new show to start. So last night I tried to tempt Jeremy with several options we had added to our queue. He wasn’t interested in any of them; I think he’s still grieving for the end of Foyle’s War. I don’t blame him. That show is extremely engaging with a great many sympathetic characters. Anyway, I convinced him to give Glee a try. We ended up watching two episodes back to back. Jeremy wasn’t sure he would like it, but he did! I loved it but I was already pretty sure I would love it. I can’t wait to watch a couple more episodes. I really need to know what happens! I only have one complaint and one concern so far. The complaint is the over-produced music that plays like a music video when they sing. I wish the sound was more realistically “acoustic” for the setting but I understand that is an artistic choice the directors made and I certainly love the arrangements of the music! The concern is we’ve already seen a bit of treatment of sexuality issues, and I’m 100 percent confident the show is going to continue to blatantly present opinions contrary to my own beliefs as a Catholic. But I think I can handle it since this is just a T.V. show.

3. Yesterday we found a blender sitting out by the dumpster. We have been saying for a while how nice it would be to have a blender, and there it was. We took it home and looked it up: a Breville Ikon Hemisphere 600. This blender sells for about $150 on Amazon, and when we tried it out it seemed to work just fine. Who knows why it was abandoned at the dumpster, but now it’s ours! We’re going to make frappes tomorrow!

Meatball Pizza.

Meatball Pizza.

4. To make up for the lack of moving progress, I prepared two delicious meals using ingredients from our freezer. For lunch I made chicken drumsticks with a spicy tomato sauce and served it over rice. For dinner I made the World’s Best Pizza in meatball and barbecue chicken varieties. Mmmm. So tasty. The meatball pizza is just red sauce, thawed frozen meatballs cut up into little bits, and cheese. The barbecue chicken pizza is barbecue sauce, seasoned and pan fried cut-up chicken breast, and cheese. So simple and so delicious.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza.

5. Stephen has been absolutely exasperating lately with his sleeping. He refuses to take naps in his crib; he’ll only fall asleep if we’re out driving in the afternoon. Which means he only gets a 10 minute nap because he always waits until we’re almost home before nodding off. But he obviously still needs naps. He’s waking up by 6am most mornings and as a consequence, he’s losing his mine by 6pm in the evening. Today he had a meltdown in his high chair so severe, he wouldn’t even eat dinner. Then he started falling asleep in his high chair without having eaten, and it wasn’t even 6pm yet! I got so frustrated I had to leave the room because I was actually making things worse, but Jeremy being the better parent, managed to get Stephen to eat his dinner by using the old choo-choo-train trick. Then I put Stephen in the bath and to bed by 6:45 where he is still babbling and hooting to himself almost 20 minutes later. Grr. He’s probably going to wake up before 5am tomorrow morning, then refuse to nap, then the whole horrible thing will start all over. I just don’t know what to do.

6. Gosh, I still have two of these things left. Well, my baby girl has been moving quite a bit the past couple days. She’s really kicking and punching hard. I love to feel it even though it feels weird because then I know she’s alive and strong, and at least partly normal. I don’t know what’s going on with her brain or why she’s growing so small, but I’m confident she will do well after all is said and done because her heart beats strong and she punches really hard!

7. Okay, last one! Jeremy wanted to try giving Stephen a “horsey ride” so he got down on hands and knees and I put Stephen up on his back. Stephen was nervous at first, making that little “I don’t know about this” noise that he does. But a few bounces later he decided it was pretty cool. At the end of the ride I helped him slide down and Jeremy started to stand up, but Stephen pulled on his legs to get him to do another ride! The second time, Stephen didn’t need my help to stay upright, and he figured out how to dismount on his own. I think he could have kept going all afternoon if Jeremy would have let him. We’ve created a horsey ride monster.


5 responses to “7 Quick Takes Friday: April 5

  1. Timothy Kniss says:

    I hope things go better for you tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to your arrival here.

  2. The Redmond's says:

    Hey Judy, Bethany learned a trick in school called dot,dot squeeze. You gently touch the palm of the hand with your thumb and the back of the hand with a finger. Gentle squeezes and it often calms and they will ease into sleep. Gently massaging between the eyebrows. In doing child care for 23 years if patting the back doesn’t work these work in most cases. Best of luck with your move. Our best friends are in Canton so we have visited there a few times. Beautiful area!

  3. tacywb says:

    I just think this is so funny- we had those exact two kinds of pizza for dinner this week here too.

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