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The 17 Day Eat the Freezer Challenge!

on April 4, 2013
The Freezer Contents.

The Remaining Freezer Contents.

One of the major items on our pre-moving checklist is to eat the entire contents of our freezer. A couple years ago we discovered this great book, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half by America’s Cheapest Family, Steve and Annette Economides. One of their tips was to get extra fridge and freezer space so you can stock up on items. The way it works is, when there is a really good sale on meat or produce or dairy, or really anything that can be frozen, you buy a crap ton of that item and store it in your chest freezer so you have a stock at home. Then you don’t have to buy that item when the price is higher. It sounded like a great idea, so we purchased a 7 cubic feet chest freezer and we’ve been stocking up for a couple years, and it’s really handy. The freezer also allowed us to follow one of the Economides’ other tips, to do grocery shopping less frequently. They only shop once a month, and they have six kids! We try to go only twice a month, but sometimes we need a quick extra trip to get more milk or bananas, and that’s okay too.

This is all great. Except.

Now we have a crap ton of stuff we need to use up before we leave because we can’t take it with us. If we don’t use it, we have to find people to take it off our hands, and what we can’t give away we’ll have to throw away.

100_1488So we’ve really been applying ourselves and trying to use up our stuff. I’ve been carefully planning weekly menus that use meat and frozen items, and as a result we’ve already made quite a dent in our stock. But just for a laugh, I wanted to list the things we have left in our chest freezer, as well as the fridge and the fridge’s freezer compartment. I present to you, our 17 day Eat the Freezer Challenge!

Meats: 1 rack of ribs; 6.5 pounds of boneless chicken breast; 6 chicken drumsticks plus 2 thighs; 4 thin cut pork chops; 1 pound ground beef; 1 pound bacon; approximately 12 meatballs

Produce: 16 ounce bag green beans; 16 ounce bag plus 32 ounce bag corn kernels; partial bag mixed pepper strips; 5 hash brown patties plus about 1 cup loose shreds; a bunch of sweet potato baby food puree cubes; lots and lots of fresh frozen thai ginger slices, cilantro, fenugreek leaves, and curry leaves (all used in Thai and Indian cuisine)

Dairy: milk but I’m not worried; dozen eggs but I’m not worried; 8 ounce brick of cream cheese; partial carton of ice cream; 1.75 pounds of butter but I’m not worried; actually I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up buying more milk, eggs, and butter before we leave.

Miscellaneous items: 2 servings of leftover turkey noodle soup, yes from Thanksgiving turkey; gallon bag of chocolate chip cookies; single pie crust; many corn and flour tortillas; approximately 1 cup of nutritional yeast; approximately 2 cups of oat bran; 4 pack egg rolls; 3 hot dog buns but no dogs to match; assorted condiments; plus a nearly full 3 pound bag of corn chips in the pantry cupboard; and an 18 pack of beer; and the last several inches in each of Jeremy’s liquor bottles.

Stephen Photo-bombed the Fridge.

Stephen Photo-bombed the Fridge.

Jeremy said, and I quote, “That sounds impossible.” I think we might do okay…I think. I’m confident we can find people to take our condiments and extra chicken when we’re ready to move. I don’t think we’ll have to throw away very much. We should have a couple Eat the Freezer parties before we leave!

And, if you live around here and you want some of our stuff, let me know and I’ll put you on the receiving list. First come, first served!

4 responses to “The 17 Day Eat the Freezer Challenge!

  1. mothersuperior7 says:

    Ground beef, pepper strips, hash browns in pie filling folded over and slap some egg on it and bake.

    At least you have variety! How about eating half a deer! Thats all we have in one freezer! I think I might never eat deer again!

    • judy says:

      Yes, I’m glad we have some different stuff to mix and match! How many different ways are there to prepare deer? I had a great recipe a while ago from Taste of Home that I used for venison we had: chili with venison and sweet potato dices. You can’t even tell the meat isn’t beef!

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  3. […] strategy for saving money on groceries is pretty simple. I’ve talked a bit about it here where I discussed stocking up  with a chest freezer. I use the stores’ weekly ads to find […]

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