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Cake Research During National Bake Week

on April 2, 2013

Yesterday was the kick off day for National Bake Week! In honor of that festive occasion, I started doing some research into what kind of cake I want to bake for my husband’s birthday next week. His only request is that the cake be sheathed in chocolate frosting. So many possibilities! Of course I could do chocolate cake, or yellow cake, but what about the less common choices like peanut butter cake, coffee-flavored cake, some sort of cake with fruit filling, pudding filling, different kinds of cake together in one cake, GAAAH! The possibilities are endless! How about you tell me your suggestions in the comments, and I can go from there!

As you may already know, I get a big kick out of National food days. Who even decides these things? There’s at least one commemoration for every day of the month. Here are the food days I plan to celebrate in April.

First Week of April: Bake Week

April 1: Sourdough Bread Day (we bought a loaf since I never started my sourdough culture again when we moved)

April 7: Coffee Cake Day (we just had coffee cake for Easter…but I must do another one!)

April 8: Empanada Day

April 10: Cinnamon Crescent Day (may be trumped by birthday cake)

April 12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

April 16: Eggs Benedict Day

April 18: Animal Crackers Birthday (woohoo! throw a party for the cracker!)

April 20: Lima Bean Respect Day (I hope we don’t have to actually eat a lima bean, just demonstrate respect…)

April 23: Cherry Cheesecake Day

April 28: Blueberry Pie Day

I really like the baking ones, apparently. I wasn’t too attracted to things like Day of the Mushroom (April 16) or National Prime Rib Day (April 27) but maybe you want to celebrate some different days from me! I hope I get to do those days at the end of the month. Our official move-out date is April 22, so we’ll have to celebrate Cherry Cheesecake and Blueberry Pie on the road!

100_1483Finally I want to share these cute Stephen pictures. He’s like a cat or something: when the window is open, he perches there and just hangs out, looking and sniffing the air or something. This morning they were actually sharing the perch. As you can imagine, that didn’t really last long enough to get a picture. Here Stephen has his sippy cup in the first photo, but it looks like he’s holding up some binoculars! Cute.100_1484

3 responses to “Cake Research During National Bake Week

  1. mothersuperior7 says:

    Personally, I love Lima Beans with ham any day of the week! My kids always request my CHOCOLATE DUMP CAKE….it literally can be made two ways, as a sheet cake, or a regular round double layer cake. I make a chocolate cake and use milk chocolate frosting for the middle and before putting the top layer on you put half a can of canned pie cherries on it. Then put the top layer on and frost the whole cake and put the rest of the can of cherries on plus another can if you LOVE cherries like we do! The cherries and the chocolate are SO YUMMY! Once the cake did not come out of the pan very good and came out in clumps. We put the chunks onto a cookie sheet and drizzled the frosting (after heating it up slightly) all over it and then the cherries. We literally gave everyone a spoon and it was so much fun eating it all together and fighting for the cherries! When you make the double layer cake remember to put a larger plate underneath to catch the oozing frosting and cherries!

    • judy says:

      That sounds really good! I don’t think that’s what I’ll do this time for Jeremy’s birthday, but I do see this cake in my future!

  2. Kathy Schwager says:

    When I saw the first photo, I actually did think that Stephen had binoculars. Maybe he needs some!

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