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What I Wore Easter Sunday: March 31

on April 1, 2013

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple for the weekly What I Wore Sunday post, except this week it’s today, not yesterday!

100_1470Yesterday we went to one of the outdoor masses offered by our church, just so we wouldn’t have to worry about arriving super early to claim pew space that was actually within the church building. That part of the plan worked out great. When we arrived at the mass location (cemetery!) we had our pick of almost every single chair. It was kind of cool to go to mass outside. I actually liked that we had Resurrection Sunday mass in a cemetery surrounded by the mausoleum and tombstones in the grass. Of course there were problems with amplification and sound quality, and traffic flow for the communion line was a little awkward, but everything was handled really well and everyone was there in good spirits.

We had been keeping an eye on the forecast to plan our Easter wardrobes accordingly, and they told us it would be about mid-50’s at mass time. That’s kind of cool, so I opted to wear a long skirt and a light jacket. Stephen picked out his own shirt in cammo print that reads “AWESOME” and I debated, but since it would be cool he would wear a sweater and look totally appropriate for mass. Jeremy wore his corduroy blazer that I like so very much; he looks so handsome in it.

What I failed to account for in all this wardrobe planning is that here in New Mexico, the sun shines at like a bajillion degrees fahrenheit. The ambient air temperature may have been 55 degrees…maybe.

Stephen took of his sweater even before mass began (AWESOME) and I lost the jacket and regretted my skirt decision almost as quickly. Jeremy is a manly man and wore his corduroy blazer the entire time. We all wore sunglasses. The priest made a comment about how we cry when the sun is hot, and we cry when it’s raining, so why don’t we all just shut up and stop being such babies already, sheesh (my paraphrase).

I was super excited to wear my bright pink scarf for Easter! It’s so festive. And it matches my new pink shirt perfectly. I swear, though, that shirt looks a lot more flattering in person than it does in the photo. It’s an actual maternity shirt and I don’t think it will fit right until my tummy is a little more popped with big baby in utero.

My necklace is a recent gift from a friend. She has a friend who makes these cool charms out of old holy cards. I think it’s super cool and really pretty! I really like the colorful heart on top of the black and white picture of Mary.

100_1480My other necklace is the one I wear every single day. it has three charms on it right now:

1.The little gold band is to remember my miscarried baby Joseph Mary. We lost him back in June 2012 at about 9 or 10 weeks gestation. It was really difficult for me but I am so thankful to have a little saint in heaven praying for me and Jeremy and Stephen!

2. St. Gerard is behind so he’s not visible in this picture. Sometimes he is in front. He’s the patron of pregnancy.

3. Mary as she appeared at Medjugorje. This medal is a bit of a miracle. About a year ago, I prayed to Mary to show me a sign that she really is close to me and with me in my life. A couple days later, I was cleaning out a “catch-all” basket on top of our piano, and this medal was at the bottom of the basket. I have no idea where it came from, and Jeremy had never seen it before either. It’s pretty unusual for a medal because it’s cut out. It looks more like the center piece part of a rosary, but the hardware is for a necklace. So weird and so cool. I wear it all the time. Even on days when I forget to put on my wedding band, I always remember to put on my Mary medal.

Happy Easter to you all! Remember, Easter lasts 50 days, so party it up!


One response to “What I Wore Easter Sunday: March 31

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    You look very pretty in the pink shirt and scarf! Stephen looks awesome, of course. I will take your word for it that Jeremy looked handsome. As his mother, I have always thought so too!

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