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Leftover Enchiladas

on March 21, 2013

Today I found myself with a fridge full of stuff. We were loaded. We went to a hastily-arranged dinner at a parishioner’s house last night and she sent us home with two grocery bags full of food, plus we already had stuff from our recent grocery trip and leftovers from the past couple nights. The inventory this morning included: pot roast, fajita chicken, guacamole with two more avocados ripening on the counter, cheese both shredded and block, a zillion tortillas of several varieties, super spicy salsa, not as spicy salsa, two different kinds of chili, plus the other normal fridge stuff like eggs and milk and weird lunch meat turkey and apparently two tablespoons of leftover curry rice from forever ago.

So I did the only thing a girl can do in this situation. I made enchiladas. I have a good recipe for enchiladas that uses beef and refried beans as the basic filling so I adapted that. I shredded the pot roast beef and the fajita chicken. We can think of what to do with pot roast potatoes tomorrow. I used the vegetarian chili to fill out the insides of my enchiladas. I used up both kinds of salsa. Some of the corn variety of tortillas (sadly not even all of the corn tortillas). I sprinkled with shredded cheese. We served with guacamole and plain yogurt. It turned out delicious.

So what if there was both beef and chicken. Vegetarian chili with lentils, two kinds of bean, and sweet potatoes is sorely underused as enchilada filling, in my opinion.

I could give you the recipe, but I’m sure you already know what to do.

1. Saute a diced up onion in a large pan.

2. Add some meat. Whatever kind of meat. Several different meats. Even pot roast, but probably not weird lunch meat turkey.

3. Add something wet, like vegetarian chili or thick soup or refried beans if you want to be boring. Maybe I should have put in two tablespoons of curry rice.

4. Season the stuff if it’s lacking.

5. Dump some salsa in a large baking dish so your enchiladas don’t stick too bad. Fill your tortillas with stuff and put them in the dish. Top with any remaining filling and some more salsa. Sprinkle a ton of cheese on top.

6. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes. Serve with whatever. Salsa, sour cream or yogurt, guacamole, chip dip, melted velveeta, or whatever. Done. Delish.

Do you really want to see a picture? Cuz I don’t think that would help my case that these things are delicious. After all, they’re called leftover enchiladas.

Actually my favorite part about “leftover enchiladas” is that you get to say, “Honey, we’re having leftover enchiladas for dinner” the first time you make them. Then if you serve them again (and you will, unless like 10 people are eating them the first time), you get to say, “Honey, we’re having leftover leftover enchiladas for dinner.” And that is just fun. It appeals to my sense of the ridiculous.

I really enjoy being creative in the kitchen. Now the big puzzle remaining for me is what to do with the rest of the zillion tortillas…


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