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Stephen Continues to do Cute Stuff

on March 20, 2013

It’s very late already and I’m just now getting to write a post for today.

Here is a picture of Stephen playing piano:

stephen playing piano


Also today had a moment that I think will turn out to be one of the defining moments of Stephen’s life. We were in the parking lot when Jeremy pulled up on his motorcycle. Stephen got to see Jeremy pull into the parking space and turn off the bike, and take off his helmet. Whoa. It was awesome. Stephen “talked” about it the whole way up to our apartment. He kept babbling and stopping every few steps to point back to the bike and go “brr, brrr.” Then when we got upstairs I showed Stephen one of Jeremy’s motorcycle magazines and he flipped through the pages goings “brr, brr” at every picture of a bike.

Here’s a video of Stephen helping me clean the bathroom, one of his favorite activities:


I hope you enjoy my cutie patootie.

One response to “Stephen Continues to do Cute Stuff

  1. I loved that when I took off my helmet, he took off his baseball cap and handed it to me.

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