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Life happens. You laugh about it or cry about it, sometimes both.

…Don’t Say Nothin’ At All

on March 18, 2013

So, I can’t really write a post about what’s been going on and what I’ve been thinking about because


But pretty much:

this shit sucks


Sorry. I don’t usually like to swear in public. And seriously, our exit from New Mexico is not getting off to a smooth start. If there’s anything else that could happen to us right now, I fully expect it to. The bad news brigade is starting to queue up and take numbers. Next in line, please!



Land of Enchantment, indeed. The past few weeks/months have felt like

mistakes poster


We’re just shaving years off of purgatory like crazy all up in here.

But don’t get me wrong! There have been lots of great things about our time here, too. And even amidst these rocky times, things like this still happen:

stephen in my shoes


And that truly brings a smile to my face. Then it’s easier to remember that life hasn’t always been hard, and the trouble won’t last forever. It will get better soon. After all

every cloud has a silver lining


One response to “…Don’t Say Nothin’ At All

  1. Deb says:

    Judy-Just know that you are being lifted up in prayer, and that your lives have touched others and those lives are better for it. hugs and prayers!

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