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What I Wore Sunday: March 17 and BIG NEWS

on March 17, 2013

Once again I am joining for the weekly link up. Make sure you read to the end of this post for some big news that I was planning to break tomorrow but what the heck, why wait?

Anyway, on to the clothes!sunday 3-17-13

I’m wearing dedicated maternity clothes more and more these days since finally I am starting to actually appear pregnant, at about 25 weeks now.

Veil: oops. I forgot we were taking a picture so the veil came off on the way in the door. I usually pin it for mass but here I just draped in on my head. See, it’s already sliding off my hair after a few brief moments.

Shirt: Planet Motherhood. “Embrace the future,” it says on the tag, with a picture of a heart-shaped globe thing. Doesn’t that just make you feel warm and fuzzy? I got this second hand from who-knows-where.

Skirt: The tag says Bobbie Brooks. Also second hand from who-knows-where. I don’t know, these things are just in my closet.

Shoes: I actually do remember buying these at Target. They are Xhilaration. I like the flowers on the toes. And they’re pink!

Again, I tried to get a photo with my darling boy: sunday 3-17-13 with Stephen




Oops, I just published the post when it was half done.


Now for the BIG NEWS:

Jeremy and I are moving to Ohio in one month. This is how it happened, told in a purely factual narrative, with no editorials:

Our lont-term family goal was to move closer to my parents in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. A lot of my extended family lives near there, and Akron is a really nice city with a super-reasonable cost of living.

When we moved to New Mexico, we realized pretty quickly that maybe it wasn’t the best for our family so we decided to give Jeremy’s job at least a year while we saved up and planned for the future. Then we would move in the fall of 2013 sometime after our baby was born.

Then we found out that our baby is not exactly healthy and will require extensive care after birth. Our doctors advised us to move sooner rather than later if moving is what we wanted to do. We agreed that it would probably be best to move before our baby is born.

On Monday 3/11/13, Jeremy contacted his boss and asked for a meeting to give him a letter. His boss said he couldn’t meet, so Jeremy left the letter in his boss’ mailbox at the office. It was his 30 day notice resignation letter.

On Thursday 3/14/13, Jeremy sees that his boss has finally taken his mail, so he sends a follow-up email “did you get my letter?” His boss says yes, and will send a formal email response. [Just to clarify, Jeremy’s boss is rarely at the office so the employees do almost all communication with him via email, text, or phone calls.]

On Saturday 3/16/13, Jeremy’s boss sends the response email that tells Jeremy to clear out his office and turn in office keys by 9:00am Monday 3/18/13. His boss is offering pay through April 3, but Jeremy is to cease all official function as an employee immediately.

So yesterday afternoon, we went to Jeremy’s office and cleared it. Then we got Chinese take-out and came home to drink beer and watch The Muppet Movie. If you want more words around the story, you’ll have to ask me in person to get the extended special edition.

As a side-note, we had been praying a novena to Saint Maria Goretti on behalf of our baby, and yesterday was the last day of the novena. So…I’m thinking….maybe it’s a miracle? Or maybe a coincidence. God only gives you what you really need, after all.


5 responses to “What I Wore Sunday: March 17 and BIG NEWS

  1. Shannon says:

    That shirt looks super-comfy, and the tag is too precious.

    I vote for miracle.

  2. Sarah says:

    love the cute little pink (red?) shoes. Nice little pop of colour. 🙂

  3. Bettina Seaton says:

    I’m so very sad that you’re leaving. I have really enjoyed getting to know both of you. You both taught me a lot. I’m especially grateful that you got me through the consecration again! That was a special group and your generosity to bring us treats every week was sooo sweeeeeet!! xox

  4. Mary says:

    You look great. Love the shoes!

    WOW! That is quite the moving story. I am so glad for you and your family. That is an incredible answer to prayer. Know that we will be keeping you and your sweet little one in our prayers. May God continue to bless your journey.

  5. […] You can’t see my shoes but they are a coordinating shade of pink with flowers on the toes. I’ve worn them before for all […]

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