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Stephen, the Strange and Wonderful

on March 14, 2013

I just wanted to write a little post about how strange my child is. A couple days ago I wrote about how he is a very sweet little boy, but you should also know that he is also very odd. Today I witnessed an event that truly encapsulates this reality: We were watching EWTN in the middle of the afternoon (hoping for pope coverage and instead we got Cat Chat), and the Divine Mercy Chaplet for kids came on. This is a line drawing animated cartoon featuring Saint Faustina and five young children. She teaches them to pray the chaplet and the words scroll along the bottom of the screen so all you kids can pray along at home. During each decade, the show plays cartoon scenes from the Passion of Jesus. Stephen thought these were hilarious. Like, the scourging. Laughter. Jesus falls and the cross falls on top of him. So funny. I admit I was a bit disturbed. But is it wrong that laughed too, just because Stephen was laughing?

Now a handy numerical list to organize a few more odd things about my child.

1. He guzzles apple juice like there’s an amped-up college kid chanting “chug, chug, chug, chug” in the room.

2. His bed head is amazing. That’s how we know it’s about time to cut his hair, is when his bed head gets wild.

3. He adores helping take out the trash. He always wants to carry his dirty diaper from the bathroom and throw it in the garbage can under the kitchen sink. If he finds a torn paper or a bit of grit on the floor, he runs with it into the kitchen, opens the cupboard as far as he can (not far; there’s a safety latch on it), and drops the item “into” the garbage. When it’s time to change the bag in the can, joy of joys. He gets to yank a fresh bag out of the box and help shake it out, then he gets to help stuff it in the can and put the can back in the cupboard. God forbid either Jeremy or I change the bag without Stephen.

4. New fun game: mommy or daddy put up their feet on the ottoman. Stephen bumps his tummy up against the leg, then flips himself over and slithers down the other side, landing face-first on the floor. Repeat.

5. He sings along at church. When we all stand up to sing a hymn, he claims a hymnal and flips it open. Then he “sings.” Cutest thing ever. He also likes to pull out my songbooks at home and flip through the pages “singing.” This is especially cute when he’s flipping through my Graduale Romanum.

6. And one more for the grandmas. He likes to “talk” on the “phone.” This could be a real phone that is either connected or not, or a block, or a small notepad, or a plastic panda bear, or anything else you hold up to your ear and say, “hello?”

There are plenty of other wonderful and strange things about Stephen, but these are the ones I could think of right off the top of my head. I bet those of you who have kids have some great stories about your babies! What strange things do they do?


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