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I don’t even LIKE donuts

on March 11, 2013

So let me just preface this post by saying I’ve never been a huge donut fan. Sure, I’ve been excited about the after-mass coffee and donut Sundays at the various parishes I’ve attended over the years. When I was working at a church in Billings I often hit up the donut selection between masses to help get me through the morning line up. I will be the first to admit that I have absolutely no problem with desserts in general–quite the contrary, actually.

So on Friday when I saw an advertisement for Dunkin Donuts in my Facebook NewsFeed (also strange because I don’t even “Like” Dunkin Donuts), and it made my eyes light up and go “ooooh,” I was a bit surprised.

I put off the unusual donut craving all day, but I couldn’t take it any more by the evening and made Jeremy Google “best donuts in Albuquerque” because I needed me some donut. I’ll just stop here to say again, I don’t even like donuts. He came up with two top choices, Duke City Donuts and Rebel Donut. Well, we didn’t really know where the heck Duke City Donuts is in Albuquerque, and I didn’t need a donut so badly as to make a special trip into the heart of congested Saturday morning urban area, so we turned our attention to Rebel. Behold, they have two locations, one of which is just down the street from some errands we had already planned for the morning!

So we added a trip to the donut store to our Saturday morning agenda. Rebel Donut has all kinds of goofy flavors: fruity pebbles, chocolate pretzel, red chile bacon, mint chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, and more. I don’t remember all the great names of the flavors. Plus I’ve already stolen their picture for my blog so I don’t want to steal their names as well. My favorite one I tried was cookies and cream. Yes, that does imply that I tried more than one. No, you don’t need to know how many I tried.

So, Rebel Donut.

But the story continues. Jeremy and I do a study group at our church on Monday mornings, and I usually bake a little something to take along. I didn’t have time last night, so we decided to stop at the store on the way and pick up something from the bakery.


I don’t know! They just looked good to me! And I don’t even like donuts.

But you know, apart from my current donut fixation, I did make some room in my heart for today’s National Food Day: Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day! I used this recipe, and the waffles were delish. They turned out super hearty; I couldn’t even finish my one waffle. We served a complete breakfast for dinner to go with the waffles: bacon, eggs, guacamole (we had an avocado that was seriously on its last day). The recipe says to garnish with peaches, which is absolutely delicious, though I’m sure maple syrup would also be heavenly. We may even serve these same waffles next week on National Waffles Day. So all in all, we’ve had a very breakfast-y day, and it’s been awesome.

oatmeal nut waffle


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