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Beet the Goat Pizza and Other Stories

on March 7, 2013

With yesterday’s news and all, I’ve been thinking about food a lot. I have always tended toward stress eating and mostly I am able to control it. Luckily, or else I would weigh 300 pounds. Yesterday after my doctors appointment, I did come home and go straight into the bedroom and I ate four of the remaining cookies. Then I decided I needed to bake a pie. Blackberries were on sale last week for 99 cents for a 6 ounce carton so I bought two. How can you resist a price like that? You just can’t. So I turned them into a pie. Unfortunately 12 ounces of berries is not enough to make a pure, unadulterated fruit pie, but it is enough if you make a fruit and custard pie! I’m sorry, no pictures because it actually doesn’t look that great, plus I think there might be only two or three slices left in the pie plate. I swear I had help eating it!

Today I ate a piece of pie with breakfast because if I know one thing, it’s that a baby with a brain condition needs mama to eat pie for breakfast as often as possible. But the real adventure was for dinner this evening…

Beet the Goat Pizza.

I named the dish myself with the powers of my creative mind.

Last week, I was telling Jeremy that I really wish I could try fresh beets, because the canned veg just doesn’t do it for me and I’m sure I would like beets if only I had the opportunity to appreciate them in their finest form, only it’s a shame they’re always so exorbitantly priced and wilty-looking besides. Then I read the Alberson’s ad and lo and behold, fresh bunch beets were on sale for 99 cents per bunch. So I bought a bunch, not really knowing what I might do with them but wanting to seize the moment.

This morning I had a brain wave to put them on a pizza. Remember I told you about Jim Lahey’s pizza that I make all the time, and it lends itself so well to bizarre toppings. Beets are pretty bizarre. Since I know nothing about beets, I referenced a couple cookbooks to see what flavors are usually combined with beets. I discovered that they are usually presented simply, with just salt and pepper, and maybe a dressing of olive oil or vinegar and lemon juice. Jim put some goat cheese in his beet salad.

So I started with my process for making a potato pizza topping and peeled then sliced the beets super thin. From reading a couple beet recipes, tt seemed that moisture was desirable in beets, so I didn’t soak them in brine to draw out their moisture. I tossed the beet slices with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then spread them on the pizza crust. I crumbled up some goat cheese and sprinkled it over all, and 25 minutes later, Beet the Goat Pizza popped out of the oven, all purple and amazing and bizarre looking.

beet pizza


Sorry the color is weird. Jeremy took the photo with his phone (where oh where is my camera hiding).

I’ll admit, I’m not already a huge beet fan. I really want to like them, but I have to train my taste. The first bite or two of pizza was odd, but it grew on me as I finished my slice. Jeremy offers, “This stuff is really good,” which is great because he already liked beets and presumably knows how they should taste. Next time I will put on more goat cheese, since it would be ideal to get cheese in nearly every bite. The flavors really compliment each other.

Let me know, would you try beets on a pizza? Do you even like beets?

2 responses to “Beet the Goat Pizza and Other Stories

  1. Kathy Schwager says:

    I love beets! My mom always grew them in the garden, so we had beet greens early in the summer and beets later in the growing season. Beet pizza sounds like a great idea — I never would have thought of it. Also, pie for breakfast sounds like just what you need right now.

  2. JeneaSwainston says:

    Sounds wonderful! I grow beets in my yard every year. They are easy to gow and the greens are wonderful and just keep coming back! Casey is really going to be skeptical about Beet the Goat Pizza but I think it sounds great! Thanks for the idea!

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