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What I Wore Sunday

on March 3, 2013

I follow Grace at her blog Camp Patton which is always a great read. I go back and forth between being inspired and horrified. She is a mother of three (all under 3!) and I just have one with one on the way. I like to read Grace’s posts to get a preview of what my life may look like in a few short months. I really enjoy her posts!  Anyway, she participates in a weekly link up hosted by Fine Linen and Purple called What I Wore Sunday which is for ladies to talk about going to mass and to encourage each other to look our best when attending church to meet the Lord! I think it’s a great idea and I want to do it too, so here goes!

sunday 3-03-13

Sorry the photo isn’t the best. My husband used his cell phone camera because I still don’t know where my real camera is hiding around here.

This is also not entirely the first outfit I tried on for church, but I’m 23 weeks pregnant and struggling through that phase between looking plain fat and looking actually pregnant and some of my clothes just don’t fit right anymore. So I went with a maternity sweater by Liz Lange Maternity at Target, and a skirt that I got in a box of free clothes from some nice lady when I pregnant with Stephen. The skirt says Bisou Bisou on the label and I have no idea where it retails. The shoes are Minnetonka Moccasins, the fur lined pink ones! I made the veil myself from some lace I bought at Joann Fabric.

I haven’t been wearing a veil to mass for long; I started when we moved to New Mexico about six months ago. I had been feeling like it was something I wanted to do for some time but I finally took the plunge when we moved to a fresh parish in a new state. I really appreciate the theology behind women veiling at mass, but my main reason was to help myself focus on the holy mystery of the mass by putting on an external symbol. I also like the idea of covering my head to show respect and honor Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament. Jennifer Fulwiler has a great post about starting to wear a veil on her blog Conversion Diary. Today my family went to the other Catholic Church in town for the first time on a Sunday to see what that parish is all about, and it was really surprising to see so many ladies wearing veils. I counted at least half a dozen, and my husband says there were more. There are only a couple other ladies at my home parish who wear a veil, and I don’t think any of them go to the same mass that I usually attend, so it was a nice change of pace to not be the only veil-wearing lady!

So that’s what I wore on to church on Sunday! Be sure to go visit Fine Linen and Purple at the link above to read about the other participants in the link up!


6 responses to “What I Wore Sunday

  1. Shannon says:

    I totally identify with your veiling sentiments. Kudos to you for making your own! I was actually thrilled to see Jennifer link to the Etsy store where she bought hers, because I’ve seen one before and didn’t know where to go. I’m getting one for our family’s Easter basket, and I can’t wait!

    You and your bump look perfectly lovely, by the way! The pattern of your skirt is really fun.

    • judy says:

      Hi Shannon! Thanks for visiting my blog! The veil Jennifer has looks great! The one thing I don’t like about wearing a veil is the practical aspect of keeping it on top of my head! I’ve tried different styles and methods of pinning, and the veil Jen has looks like it might stay up on it’s own. I’m very tempted to get one for myself!

  2. Bettina Seaton says:

    This is our new DRE’s wife. Sarah babysits for them and takes care if their cat. She discovered your blog on her own:) lots of tge young gals on our parish are following you and Jennifer Fulweiler:) thanks for making our family famous!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the skirt and the veil is awesome too. I veil occasionally at my Mass too and like you I am pretty much the only one there who does. I veil because it helps me focus during the Mass (and also helps me feel closer to the Blessed Mother). I don’t always feel as close to Mary as I would like. As a recent convert, my relationship with her has taken some work on my end because of my hang-ups with “Mary worship” that I was taught. I feel more of a connection with Mary when I veil at Mass so I like to honor her by doing it. However, I hate how self conscious I feel being the only one in a veil (which is why I don’t always veil).

    • judy says:

      Hi Amy, thanks for your comment! the veil does help me focus, and I’m just now getting over the self consciousness that I experienced when I first started veiling six months ago. It really helped that I moved to a new parish where–for all they knew–I wore a veil forever. I did try it a couple times at my old church and the self-consciousness was way worse because everyone already knew me and now I’m suddenly veiling…but I love Jen’s insight that most people are not actually even thinking about what you’re doing; they are concentrating on the mass. When I remember that it becomes a lot easier to just let myself blend in to the crowd, even though I am the only gal in a veil.

  4. Kendra says:

    Thank you for joining our linkup. You look just lovely. I remember that awkward stage too, where you’re somewhere inbetween mild weight gain and actually looking pregnant. It’s so hard to dress for that, but I think you nailed it. It’s hard to see the detail of your shirt for sure, but it looks pretty as far as I can see 🙂

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