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Life happens. You laugh about it or cry about it, sometimes both.

New Page and Frenemies Update

on March 1, 2013

I just have time for a quick update tonight. I added a new recipes page that I will update and add to as time goes on. Keep an eye on that if you are into recipes as much as I am!

Also, my mom has reminded me that I am leaving my blog readers with the impression that Stephen and Quinn the dog are not getting along. Well the quick version of the story is that now they are getting along. You know, just so long as there is no prolonged face licking or loud barking involved. It freaks out the dog. That was a joke. Laugh with me. Ha ha. Ha ha.

My strategy was: I sat Stephen down to play with legos and made Quinn lay nearby. After a while Stephen became less cautious and now they’re cool. I think Quinn also needed to get used to a shorty being in the house too. Stephen will even pet the dog, and earlier today he was brushing the dog with the pet hair brush. He also treated me to a little grooming and did his own hair while he was at it.

And one more quick thing before I sign off for an early bedtime: Stephen is actually nearly 3 feet tall, not the 2 feet that I had previously stated. That is all.


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