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on February 27, 2013

Today when I went up to visit my Grandma in Northwest Ohio, I stopped by my cousin Karin’s house to pick up some soap. Karin is actually my dad’s cousin, which I think makes her my first cousin once-removed or something like that, but for simplicity let’s say cousin Karin! Anyway, she started this great home business a few three or four years ago called Abundance Soaps. She is amazing and farms bees for wax and honey, and keeps an herb garden, and makes these fantastic soaps from scratch using a cold process method. Her business is all family run and the soap is made from entirely local ingredients in small batches, hand cut into bars, and delivered with fantastic customer service. She sells the soap in stores around her local area, as well as at craft shows and online. I think she also does “spa parties,” kind of like Pampered Chef if you’re familiar with that business model. My family has been using her soap almost exclusively for the past two years. It is the only soap I can use to wash my hands that won’t exacerbate my horrible dry skin in the winter!

Please visit her website and look around! I didn’t ask her permission to promote her business on my blog, but I don’t think she’ll mind. Thanks, Karin!

I’m not trying to sell you soap or anything like that. I just really admire the guts it takes to start a business in your home using just your own skills and the skills of your family members. That is such a leap of faith. My husband Jeremy and I have a dream to start our own home business but it’s really hard to know what to do. What will be something we could succeed at doing? What would be useful and in demand in whichever market we choose to set up shop? When is the right time to take the plunge?

Have any of you started a home business or a small business of your own? When did you know it was time to do it, and how did you know what business to start?

5 responses to “Soaptastic

  1. You are so wonderful. Thank you so much for your kind words. What a surprise.

    • judy says:

      You are welcome! I’m glad I could promote your small business. I don’t have a lot of readers yet, but every one person is so important!

  2. Staci says:

    My boyfriend took me to his hometown to meet his family in Ohio (I live in TN) and he took me to a farm where he just had to get some local apple cider. Not being a fan of it, i wandered over to a display with soaps to leave him basking in his cider infused glory. All the ones i picked up smelled so good but i instantly fell in love with a specific one, the Lemon Garden Scrub from Abundance Soaps. It’s amazing. I use the it and I get compliments ALL the time about how gorgeous my skin is. Being a former really insecure acne-ridden person, that compliment means the world to me and I owe it all to the soap. It works so well for my face. I’ll never use anything else!

    Staci from TN

    • judy says:

      Hi Staci! I’ve never tried the Lemon Garden Scrub but it sounds wonderful and I’m so glad it was kind to your skin! My favorite is the Legend of the Four Thieves. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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