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Sashimi the Cat

on February 24, 2013

We acquired Sashimi the Cat back in November 2011. He has an interested story. At the time I was working as a parish music director at a church in Billings, MT. One day I showed up at the office and the other office ladies told me there was a cat in the women’s restroom in the back of church. So I went in because I can’t resist a kittykitty and there was this cat. He was straggly and shy but warmed up to people very well, and I could tell he was beautiful underneath the weather-worn exterior. He had magically appeared in the church parking lot a couple weeks prior and just that morning had finally allowed the pastor to scoop him up and take him inside. Well, little did this cat know that Jeremy and I had been talking about getting a cat to grace our home, and since I had pretty much fallen in love with this cuddly cutiehead, I called Jeremy right away and he arranged to come take a look. So we came back to the office later that evening and Jeremy loved him too! The nice office lady said if we wanted to take the cat, we should just do it–you know, before anyone else decided to take him! So we did! The next day Jeremy took him to the vet to determine age, sex, and general healthiness and found out for sure that the cat is a neutered male, now approximately four or five years old, with fairly decent health. We named him Sashimi because we are terribly clever and witty.

Well, it didn’t take long to figure out the possible reason Sashimi’s former owners had abandoned him a church parking lot. Sashimi is very sensitive and he has a delicate stomach. There was a period of time when I kept a cat puke clean up kit on my bedside table at night, if you take my meaning. And one time Jeremy had a very close call involving his face and a¬†retching¬†kitty. After a vet visit or two, we got special sensitive kitty food and the problem cleared up. Now he only pukes about once a week, unless the food is getting to the bottom of the bag, then he pukes pretty much every time he eats some food. Sigh…it’s a hazard I guess we are willing to live with.

But he really is a wonderful kitty. He is the snuggliest, wuggliest, prettiest, kittiest kitty I have ever owned. His fur is majestic and magnificent. He takes what we call “fur days” where he lays around for 12 hours straight. We call them fur days because his fur is so majestic that he needs to take a day off of doing other cat stuff to just focus on growing fur. He sleeps with us every night, either on my feet or above my head on the pillow. That took a little getting used to when we first brought Sashimi home, but now we love it! He is not stingy with purring. He even kind of plays with Stephen, if Stephen doesn’t act too wild and pull Sashimi’s tail or run too fast or pet his fur too hard. Okay, maybe he doesn’t really play with Stephen. Actually, he has been taking many more fur days now that Stephen is super active and has decided that Sashimi is his number one amigo…

So, that is Sashimi the Cat. I hope you enjoyed meeting him. Tell me about your wonderful pet friends!

One response to “Sashimi the Cat

  1. Jennifer Talik says:

    Great article! I feel like I’ve met your cat!

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